Velo couture: hides or values?

East and West two realities that you have always been looking for, despite the huge cultural differences. When we see on the streets of Milan women covered by the veil there is the question: The veil enhances or hides? Velo couture: hides or values? The swimsuit season approaches: I begin by me!   You know, … Continue Reading

Sea between dreams and reality!

Now the heat has exploded also in Milan, summer is in the air, the flowers perfume and the birds they keep company with their song. It is precisely at this time of year, on time every year between work commitments that have no end and the fatigue that is felt, that was born in my … Continue Reading

Outfit: a brisk spring evening!

You still hear the noise of thunder storm threatening, after the Sun of the day today, I feel like light clothing. After a long Tan to sunbathe on the balcony of the House, between sunscreen and fresh juice, it made me want to wear my dress, my shoe fringed, take a walk and the aperitif … Continue Reading

Shorts craze: find the perfect pair for every mood!

Good morning In these days of pounding rains and uncertain weather, putting some order in my wardrobe that is filled with clothes, I realized that among the various jeans, skirts and dresses, shorts are in short supply. I was just looking to find my favorites. Shorts mania: trovare il paio perfetto per ogni mood! Mood … Continue Reading

Waiting for summer: what kind of bikini are you?

Good morning beauties! You also stoves the whims of weather, gray and Milan, who divides her time between days of rain and wind and other Sun? Let’s face it that spring this year seems to have given way to autumn, but we will not let ourselves be discouraged, the Sun and the sea takes its … Continue Reading

All denim, full throttle!

Summer is coming and the beautiful days invite to enjoy during the weekend, a delightful romantic getaway destinations unknown. The perfect look for this madness? Practical, convenient and colorful shades … rather colorful. The first piece of the wardrobe that all we carry with us is our faithful pair of jeans. We all preferred, whether … Continue Reading

Socks Shoes: socks and heels or not!?

Good morning girls! Last fall-winter there has been much talk of shoes worn with socks on sight. For spring/summer just as, in fact, we’ve seen wear slippers with socks, sandals with socks, pumps and so on. The stockings were protagonists: white, black, colorful, showy etc, so you had and you are spoilt for choice. Socks … Continue Reading

Mascara: my best my everyone!

Hello girls, Today I wanted to tell you about some new mascara: lengthening, Arch and give volume. The mascara will star beauty for 2017, for a look that appealing! We are in 1860, the first mascara was taken by Eugene Rimmel, in fact in many countries “rimmel” became the synonym of mascara. Mascara: my best … Continue Reading

Long skirt day: here’s how I wore it myself!

Good morning beauties! Who here loves the skirts raise your hand. All?, and if the skirt was long? I love the skirts from when I was a kid. I still remember my mom prepared each day a different skirt to go to school and I felt beautiful and pampered. Mom is the best in the … Continue Reading

Lush Italia: Thanks mum! Love you!

Hello beauties, today we want to introduce once again in a magical world of colours and perfumes! Lush Italy: Thanks mum! Love you! After a morning of frantic and full of work, we took the ball and accepted the invitation to this great event, and we started towards the Mantra Raw Vegan brunch full of … Continue Reading