Military Style: Another Movie!

The fashion week has ended in Milan for about a month, the fashion shows have made us dream and proposed the trends to inspire, one of the most impressive ones? That military!

The OAT: the ideal green line for the whole family!

Good morning beauty! Lately, we are talking more and more about beauty and how to take care of our skin/hair/face/body, in short, a complete beauty spa. Today we want to talk about new stuff in Bottega Verde!

I love being organic and you?

Good morning beauty! Today we are not talking about fashion or beauty, but about nutrition that, to put it all, is the source of primary beauty for each of us.

2BEkini SS2018: what do you choose ?!

Good morning, maidens! As you’ve already noticed the title, today we’re talking about bikini and the brand that holds the Big Brother Vip edition this year. Have you seen the bikini and the whole costumes that look inside the house? Beautiful, imaginative and make you want to return to the sea. The holidays for us … Continue Reading

Imagea Elgon Green: Beauty Salon at Your Home!

Good morning beauty! All of us know how important it is to take care of their hair, especially after returning from the holidays, where sun, salt and sand dry them and our hair is lost. The same is true in winter, we have to do every day with wind, rain, smog and so on, all … Continue Reading

Autumn Look: blazer, evergreen cape!

Goodmorning, girls! We are now in full autumn and they continue to alternate between themselves sun, wind, rain, gray days and mood dancers. But how to dress in this period?

Tuscany mon amour!

Good morning beauty, I had promised you to take part in my holidays and here is here, albeit somewhat late, the post dedicated to them.

Un messaggio d’amore 2.0!

The sentimental relationships nowadays are getting harder, because all-round love scares a bit … and I know something! Episcopal lovers kept alive and made their feelings grow through long love letters filled with poetry … eh yes, they were other times, but those letters to the lovers were a unique bond that nobody could break, … Continue Reading

Maxi dress in autumn: here our proposals!

  Good morning girls, we are always used to wearing long dresses especially in summer. The game between wind, fabric and colors, make these dresses perfect for summer evenings.

We say goodbye to summer: tropical shirt outfit!

Good morning girls! The outfit that I propose today I wore the last weekend that I spent at sea. Is the setting for these shots the port of Cesenatico, which I find very romantic and vintage in a way.   We say goodbye to summer: tropical shirt outfit! For evening stroll and dinner by the … Continue Reading