Blery & Ily, many passions two sisters, born respectively in 1986 and 1987 (practically twins) in Durres, of Greek origin. We live in Italy since 1999. We have always had a passion for fashion, accessories, clothes, shoes, bags … in short, to all that is fashion, in every shape and color. Until now we have always compared to each of us, following the biggest brands and bloggers, enacting tips and trends, but contraddistinguendoci for our personal style. We believe that fashion should be followed to the fullest, but did suffer dependence, improving our natural style that we find in our “I”. playfully often, it happens that the fashion we invent even going against the current, because fashion is too, “a way of life”, or rather the way of life of each of us. We will open the doors, not only of our wardrobes, but also of our dreams and desires. So do not worry, feel free / the comment a like and follow us. The watchword and communication and entertainment. For the moment we are two sisters … we try the third, fourth until you get to 1 Millione 🙂

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