Lush Italia: Thanks mum! Love you!

Hello beauties, today we want to introduce once again in a magical world of colours and perfumes! Lush Italy: Thanks mum! Love you! After a morning of frantic and full of work, we took the ball and accepted the invitation to this great event, and we started towards the Mantra Raw Vegan brunch full of … Continue Reading

Tummy Tea Tox: 10 more days to shine!

Goodmorning beauties, we are finally to Friday, our favorite day of the week 🙂 !! Away all the labors and ready for the long-awaited weekend. Your week how was it? Our between work, blog, social, family and friends flew. A few posts ago we told you about the food program Tummy Tea Tox, here Ily … Continue Reading

Pink and nude: trendy nail spring 2017!

Goodmorning beauties! Now we can say that spring has officially arrived, although sometimes it is a little ‘chilly, especially at night. As you may have guessed by now on this blog we like to talk about everything from clothing and accessories trends in outfits and sections, to beauty products that improve the appearance and the … Continue Reading

10 days Tummy Tea Tox time for a makeover!

Hi beauties! We are now officially in the spring, the heat is felt even if in Milan the weather does not seem (for the current week forecast rain), but I feel that the sun still shines, leaving the desire to lighten. Lighten not only clothing, wearing skirts that flutter, colorful blazers and shoes discoveries, but … Continue Reading

The swimsuit season is approaching: I begin by myself!

Hi girls, It is a spring that was immediate that of 2017, but as with all good things there is no expectation that increases the desire. Only yesterday it seemed that winter never end, and instead here we are, we are already in March and often the sun shines even in that of Milan. Here, … Continue Reading

Hands: groomed, clean and young longer!

Hi girls, Today we talk about the importance and care of our hands. The hands are the part of the body that we use the most during the day. The hands are always in just the morning alarm function. The first things we do are: turn off the alarm, makeup on, close the door, go … Continue Reading

How to take care of your skin: what mask are you?

Carnival is almost here and it’s time to choose the right mask for us. Yes you read right … today we speak of masks, but not what we wear in a few days to have fun like crazy, but the beauty trends of the moment. The “face mask” phenomenon exploded in 2016, but is still … Continue Reading

Blorange: hair color trend P/E in 2017!

How many of you are willing to change? Usually it is said that when a woman wants to change something in his life starts right from the hair. Here I for example have one of those, beginning from the hair of my life even when I do not change anything. Blorange: hair color trend P/E … Continue Reading

Valentine’s day: beautiful and shining with Catrice!

It’s the most commercial holiday that there is and that love goes celebrated every day, on this we all agree, but Valentine’s Day is still Valentine’s Day. Beauties you have already thought about what to arrange for your sweetie? We’re still working :-). Whatever the program for the evening of love, you have to get … Continue Reading

My Make-Up Oval Brush Set: magic touch!

Hello girls, several months depopulated the web and on Instagram photos and pictures on the fabulous set of oval brushes with very soft bristles, called “Oval brush set”. We both love just seen and we could not try them. Imagine taking a brush with very soft bristles and a few moves roll out your favorite … Continue Reading