My Make-Up Oval Brush Set: magic touch!

Hello girls, several months depopulated the web and on Instagram photos and pictures on the fabulous set of oval brushes with very soft bristles, called “Oval brush set”. We both love just seen and we could not try them. Imagine taking a brush with very soft bristles and a few moves roll out your favorite … Continue Reading

Eco Tan: Australian health!

It begins eight years ago when Sonya Driver, abandoned by her husband, is found to grow on its own two daughters on their house by the sea. Suddenly finds himself with a failed marriage, two daughters to raise, the sister who is ill with cancer and without a job. In an effort to become a … Continue Reading

Make the holidays: new make-up, unique style!

Hello Beauties, you already know how to apply make-up in this holiday season? The Christmas period is an opportunity to treat yourself to a new make-up,  one that we do not dare to do any other day of the year. You might start thinking of an intense lipstick or an eyeshadow decided that never would you … Continue Reading

CocoWig: fresh look with a click!

How many times it happened to be revenue to the hairdresser, having cut his hair and immediately after you repented? To us it happened more than once, especially when you put yourself in the head to want to make a radical change. Go to the hairdresser happy with the choice you made, convinced of wanting … Continue Reading

Face toner: a beauty caress!

When we was little girls he happened to see the mother, or the aunt sitting before the mirror, in their beauty routine area, (a simple mirror propped on the dresser) and tap on the face a clear liquid. Curiously we went to read the label printed on the bottle and the sight of the word … Continue Reading

Make-up winter 2016-2017: red lips and rouge eyes!

Red lips, outfit, manicures and rouge eyes. You think it’s a look a little too Excessive? According Chanel must, in his collection “Chanel Le Rouge Collection N° 1”, scheduled for Fall 2016, explores the whole universe in fact, it proposed a particular color played on the infinite shades of red, burgundy and brick. Makeup winter … Continue Reading

Biorygen: a source of well-being!

Over the years we have all tried countless beauty products, natural and otherwise, for the care of our skin. How many of us would like a quick product to use that creates an immediate radiance on our face? You know, the field of natural organic cosmetics is quite extensive but we have to pick and … Continue Reading

The pleasure of make-up: Water make-up remover micellar Garnier!

How many times you happen to give up the trick to lack of desire or time to do it? Other times it happens to wear makeup and not remove make-up at all, especially when you do the small hours and sleep takes over. There is no wrong thing to go to bed without removing makeup. … Continue Reading

Advent calendar: what are you waiting ?!

Hello girls! We are almost at the gates of December and as tradition can not miss the advent calendar. Usually it is composed of small windows that open to the indicated date and find our little surprise. It has always been just for the little ones and is full of sweets. But we who are … Continue Reading

DE-OX C evolution: novelty, vitality and youth!

 Think that your skin reflects your true age, or demonstrated a few years younger … or worse, a few years too? Hard to give themselves a sincere and accurate response. Equally difficult to look into the eyes of those who are watching us. Several factors affect the age of the skin, one of the first … Continue Reading