The OAT: the ideal green line for the whole family!

Good morning beauty! Lately, we are talking more and more about beauty and how to take care of our skin/hair/face/body, in short, a complete beauty spa. Today we want to talk about new stuff in Bottega Verde!

Imagea Elgon Green: Beauty Salon at Your Home!

Good morning beauty! All of us know how important it is to take care of their hair, especially after returning from the holidays, where sun, salt and sand dry them and our hair is lost. The same is true in winter, we have to do every day with wind, rain, smog and so on, all … Continue Reading

Skinkissed serum: the best friend for perfect skin!

Good morning girls! We all know how important it is to take care of your own skin. I can say with certainty that reaching the threshold of 30 years needs to focus on more targeted treatments for the needs of our skin.

BB cream: the right cream for summer!

Good morning girls! Now that summer is in full swing and the heat is felt more and more, honestly I can hardly bear the Foundation and make-up. In summer usually prefer light texture, super moisturizing creams and that allow the skin to breathe. The same goes for the Foundation, having the good fortune to have … Continue Reading

Solar Collistar: i choose the best!

Good morning beauty, We are now in the middle of the summer and the seaside weekend has started. As soon as we manage we organize and leave for the beaches closest to Lombardy. Here we are at the Lido degli Estensi, I have to say I was never and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed … Continue Reading

Moods to wear: made in Italy!

Entering a perfumery the first thing you hear is the scent wafting in the air. Do we try one, two, three and finally choose the one that best represents us, other times, it happens to only buy for advertising and brand name. Sometimes we do not linger even study the ingredients that compose it and … Continue Reading

Mascara: my best my everyone!

Hello girls, Today I wanted to tell you about some new mascara: lengthening, Arch and give volume. The mascara will star beauty for 2017, for a look that appealing! We are in 1860, the first mascara was taken by Eugene Rimmel, in fact in many countries “rimmel” became the synonym of mascara. Mascara: my best … Continue Reading

Lush Italia: Thanks mum! Love you!

Hello beauties, today we want to introduce once again in a magical world of colours and perfumes! Lush Italy: Thanks mum! Love you! After a morning of frantic and full of work, we took the ball and accepted the invitation to this great event, and we started towards the Mantra Raw Vegan brunch full of … Continue Reading

Tummy Tea Tox: 10 more days to shine!

Goodmorning beauties, we are finally to Friday, our favorite day of the week 🙂 !! Away all the labors and ready for the long-awaited weekend. Your week how was it? Our between work, blog, social, family and friends flew. A few posts ago we told you about the food program Tummy Tea Tox, here Ily … Continue Reading

Pink and nude: trendy nail spring 2017!

Goodmorning beauties! Now we can say that spring has officially arrived, although sometimes it is a little ‘chilly, especially at night. As you may have guessed by now on this blog we like to talk about everything from clothing and accessories trends in outfits and sections, to beauty products that improve the appearance and the … Continue Reading