Yoga and aroma therapy: a winning marriage to start and end the day best!

Have you ever tried yoga? If the answer is no you should start! But what is yoga?

Paperless: welcome with a click and super chic!

Good morning girls, In just over a month, the calendar marks an important date: that is, the fulfillment of my 30 years. You remember the movie “The Beautiful Women”, the initial initials ended on that date, August 25, and I wondered why and if I must be honest I never understood it.

Win with Dietorelle: For 40 years always with us / you!

Good morning girls, Today we talk about good and sweet surprises. I do not know about you, but we always have candy bags, so at some point of the day, maybe in the morning or in the afternoon we kiss a little delight. We love them all, we carry them with us in the bag, … Continue Reading

Corsica i’m coming!

After eight hours of work, hot and people doing a tantrum thinking they were alone in the world, I would say that I have enough. Closed this little parenthesis of outburst, I’d like to talk about another holiday that I am planning to discover another island, the beautiful Corsica. Corsica i’m coming! After returning from … Continue Reading

Moods to wear: made in Italy!

Entering a perfumery the first thing you hear is the scent wafting in the air. Do we try one, two, three and finally choose the one that best represents us, other times, it happens to only buy for advertising and brand name. Sometimes we do not linger even study the ingredients that compose it and … Continue Reading

Sea between dreams and reality!

Now the heat has exploded also in Milan, summer is in the air, the flowers perfume and the birds they keep company with their song. It is precisely at this time of year, on time every year between work commitments that have no end and the fatigue that is felt, that was born in my … Continue Reading

Lush Italia: Thanks mum! Love you!

Hello beauties, today we want to introduce once again in a magical world of colours and perfumes! Lush Italy: Thanks mum! Love you! After a morning of frantic and full of work, we took the ball and accepted the invitation to this great event, and we started towards the Mantra Raw Vegan brunch full of … Continue Reading

Mood: coachella on the city! We love it!

Good morning beauties, how many of you in this moment would want to have between the hands an air ticket destination California? We huge and if you are asking yourselves for in order that we reveal it you suddenly without holding you on the thorns: Coachella Festival we wait! As each year in two weekends of … Continue Reading

Tummy Tea Tox: 10 more days to shine!

Goodmorning beauties, we are finally to Friday, our favorite day of the week 🙂 !! Away all the labors and ready for the long-awaited weekend. Your week how was it? Our between work, blog, social, family and friends flew. A few posts ago we told you about the food program Tummy Tea Tox, here Ily … Continue Reading

10 days Tummy Tea Tox time for a makeover!

Hi beauties! We are now officially in the spring, the heat is felt even if in Milan the weather does not seem (for the current week forecast rain), but I feel that the sun still shines, leaving the desire to lighten. Lighten not only clothing, wearing skirts that flutter, colorful blazers and shoes discoveries, but … Continue Reading