Sentimental fashion: tulle skirt!

Hello beauties, Today I will be talking about a garment that is depopulating between young girls to become a must have for many illustrious fashion addicted. Essential in the years ‘ 40, was used under the skirts of women in high society, precious to inflate and give shape to their dresses. Today, they are the … Continue Reading

All in line: for those who love to dare!

Hello beauties, We’re in the middle of spring and the heat is definitely feel. Finally we took off sweaters and jackets to make room to light clothing. I love everything that is fluttering, as always, ever since I was a little girl. In love with summer, the morning breeze, light fabric on the skin and … Continue Reading

Jewels Pop: Pink funny!

The jewelry for us women are companions, faithful friends, valuable, imaginative, futuristic and even customizable … The best friends of women are diamonds, sang the lovely Marilyn. Alas, not all women can afford them, but no one must give up the jewelry. Jewels Pop: Pink funny! Flower power: feel like spring! Historically, the yellow gold … Continue Reading

Glasses mood: I love them and you?!

Goodmorning girls! Milan is wonderful in each moment of the day, the morning got out of the metre I go up of run the staircases then to be in Course Buenos Aires, the road of the longest fashion of Europe. In spite of the smog, the traffic, too much people… I simply adore to walk … Continue Reading

Mood ruffles: the romantic trend for spring 2017!

Hi girls! In Milan, the sun is shining now for some days, and I dropped my jacket to go to the ultra-light down jacket. Through that spring is just so much, the desire to discover, to abandon the winter clothes to make the change of seasons also in the closet. Mood ruffles: the romantic trend … Continue Reading

Sneakers mania: for every self-respecting fashion bloggers!

Hi girls! Milanese fashion week ended recently, and there are many innovations that we will find in the winter season 2017/2018, but many are the confirmations and the pieces that have remained over the years. Watching the catwalks, we knew immediately that cuissard boots (high above the knee), boots (boots and ankle) remain and will … Continue Reading

Candy Colours: accessories for spring!

Good morning beauties! How are you? Lately, because of too much work, we were a bit ‘absent on the blog and on social, but now we are back more charges than ever and with many new features of which we will speak soon. Is Friday morning, the sun shines in Milan, spring feels and the first … Continue Reading

Karma: painting with yellow sun and pink!

Hi girls, Today I want to talk about a way of life, ie, to be: the incurably optimistic. Build a positive karma is the basis of every path of spiritual and personal growth. What “good karma”? The origin, the first karma, is the “desire to be”. Man is the result of their actions and these … Continue Reading

Trend P / E2017: of that flower you are!

Good morning beauties! Saturday night I went out to dinner with friends, the weather was not the best as you can see from the photos, the mist covered everything, but not the desire to take some pictures and share it with you. Trend P / E2017: of that flower you are! If you have seen … Continue Reading

Wardrobe: must-have items for all tastes!

Hio girls, Today I wanted to talk about the relationship we have with our wardrobe …The relationship between a woman and her wardrobe is a report from the film, made of stories full of passion, joys, disappointments … so even the clothes have a story to tell. It happens to open your closet and while … Continue Reading