My dress, my friday night!

Hi girls, Today I would like to offer an elegant and very feminine look, ideal for the longest night of the week that the “friday night”. Ninety percent of women, like the outputs of Friday night it’s an evening with friends or in the company of their partner. To all of us like to go … Continue Reading

Tartan shirt: here is how I combined myself!

The tartan shirt, the much discussed this winter 2017, is a classic of the country and informal style, but also a fashion icon of punk and grunge. In this post I want to talk shirt red and black paintings, loved by all, models and It Girl, a leader who combines the generation of the 90 … Continue Reading

Parka green color: here the way I wore it !

A few weeks ago I was at Lake Garda, more precisely in Riva del Garda, for a trip out of town and spend New Year’s Eve. That morning, in Milan the sun was shining and so, (although I’m super chilly, now you may have guessed), I decided to wear a skirt. I love skirts, in … Continue Reading

Curled wool coat: chic winter!

Winter days seem endless, the cold, the rain, snow and little desire to do all that we program. Often I do not really want to leave the duvet when the alarm sounds, zero desire to face the working day that never seems to end, but then when the evening comes and you go back home, … Continue Reading

A cold walk through the streets of Milan! –

The holidays are over and now resume a career is always hard. I liked to stay at home, pampered, spoiled, and not wake up at ten to seven, breakfast calmly and work on the blog without other thoughts. 2017 will be a year full of work commitments, events (friends who get married), projects to be … Continue Reading

New year 2017: a lot of outfit!

We are at that time of year where the atmosphere is magical, the roads are super lit and festively decorated houses. After the race for gifts, to expenditure on preparations for the new year/Christmas dinner and various purchases it is time to think about the most anticipated night of the year: NEW YEAR’s outfit!   … Continue Reading

Half Skirt 50 years: how to wear it!

Hello beauties, missing three days before Christmas, and today I want to talk about an alternative to the classic Christmas look red dress. The head that best manages to offer a fabulous body, could not be: the half-full skirt 50s.   Half Skirt 50 years: how to wear it! Waiting for Christmas: Outfit in pink! … Continue Reading

Like a barbie girl: i love my new dress!

The air that you breathe in Milan today is freezing … air of snow, which i love if i don’t go to work. It will be only in my imagination, but i seem to hear already the Christmas atmosphere. Just a few days ago i went into one of the temporary shop in Corso Buenos … Continue Reading

Knee Boots: renew everyday look!

Today I want to show you a type of autumn look … we have to invent the appropriate look for this season and I propose my will (one of many)! Autumn is the season of harvest, the crops, the leaves on the ground and landscapes in warm colors (especially yellow, orange and red). The colors … Continue Reading

Hat and biker: glamor autumn!

I have always been, since childhood, love of beautiful things, the kind that make you feel “special” and yet at ease when wearing them, and only when you look in the mirror. Years have passed, but in fashion, taste and style have to change a few things. I still remember when in fourth grade I … Continue Reading