Someone said Sale ?: here’s what to buy!

“A man will never treat you better than a department store” so said Rebecca Bloomwood Hi girls, you are ready for winter sales in 2017? We have come a long, long list, luckily we all rounds Corso Buenos Aires, so we can run on the first day and jump into the fray to assert our … Continue Reading

Christmas: gifts for Him and Her!

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, what brings memories long gone, families all gather around the tree to unwrap the presents. I still remember when we were kids that loved her decorate the tree, dad always carried a real FIR, put in a jar and then away with the fantasy and the … Continue Reading

Xmas is coming… wishlist!

Duomo’ plaza is invaded by the Christmas atmosphere. Joy, the Christmas tree is 28 metres high, light up Milan with its 6 km of light and will keep us company until 06 January 2017. Just yesterday we were shooting for the illuminated streets, the smell of roasted chestnuts and the cold air from the snow kept … Continue Reading

Filo: Never again without! Our magical accessory!

Christmas is coming and we are racing to finish, choose and buy the latest gifts. Lately we are always in a hurry, we have already said ?! Oh yes, between the time-consuming work, the race (in fact) to Christmas gifts, dinners with friends, drinks and lunches with colleagues, and here we do everything without being … Continue Reading

Liujo: the pleasure of being a woman! #StrongTogether

Liujo: the pleasure of being a woman! #StrongTogether Liujo born in 1995 in Capri, the brothers Marco and Vannis brands make it a reason for living and the company keeps growing. Their mission is to enhance the natural beauty of every woman. A motivation which is the basis of their creativity, glamor and sophistication that … Continue Reading

Bridesmaids: how to dress in style !?

We always dream of girls on the wedding day, an accomplice perhaps Cinderella, but we believe in Prince Charming. Many doubts about this, here’s one very important: bridesmaids yes or bridesmaids no? For us bridsmaids yes! Be accompanied by bridesmaids in the wedding day, now it became fully rule even in Italy. Used to seeing … Continue Reading

Kenzo X H&M: Now in our closet!

Kenzo X H & M: is for some months now that we hear about it. The long-awaited event that is born from the collaboration with luxury brand based in Paris and H & M shop we all know, we love and where we make shopping spree. Kenzo X H & M: Now in our closet! … Continue Reading

Shopping: vintage or modern?

The desire of every woman feel beautiful, be stylish and have an enviable look, then almost always the answer to these wishes is: the Shopping! The pico of us women cliché is certainly being in front of the closet and think they have nothing nice to get but nothing … from mistakes, many women abandon … Continue Reading

FashionMia: our maxi dresses!

The maxi dresses are one of the big trend of the moment: the good news is that this trend will also make us company for autumn-winter 2016. I have decided the four fashion capitals, the four Fashionweek: the Autumn-Winter 2016-2017 must be sought, casual, romantic and a little ‘dreamer. The silhouettes fifty years back in … Continue Reading

Shein: Shein: as in Wonderland!

When we were little we used to hang out, which happens even now that we’re grown up, mom took us through the streets of the city and we were attracted to shop Windows. As children our tastes and our thinking was almost always the sweets and barbi, loved the candy (especially those chewy), not to … Continue Reading