Wishlist: everything new for a weekend to the sea!

Goodmorning beauties, how many of you, how we do they dream of the weekends to the sea? The days of sun and the Spring give the road to dreams and wishes, to the wish to be in beach, naked feet on the sand, a bagnetto between the waves and then relaxation to enjoy the sun. … Continue Reading

Mood: coachella on the city! We love it!

Good morning beauties, how many of you in this moment would want to have between the hands an air ticket destination California? We huge and if you are asking yourselves for in order that we reveal it you suddenly without holding you on the thorns: Coachella Festival we wait! As each year in two weekends of … Continue Reading

My outfit in Ostuni city!

Hi girls how are you? My alarm rings every day at 7:15 and off to take the metro to reach corso Buenos Aires where I work. I must say I love Milan, climb the stairs of the metro and find myself every day in the longest shopping street in Europe excites me and makes me … Continue Reading

Alberobello: a postcard from Puglia!

Hi girls how are you? I well, though, to be returned to work after so many holidays I have to say that is tough. Every so often I lose myself fantasizing through the streets of the city that I discovered on this trip, some totally new others already known. My vacation this year has been in … Continue Reading

Albania: traditions and emotions!

Hello everyone, how you spend your holidays? I splendidly, I’m back in my home country: Albania. Rich in history, flavors and natural places to visit. This year I have made comfortable grip, I spent the month of August to wander around and I got to rest a little among the numerous beaches of my beautiful … Continue Reading

Polignano: a window to the sea!

Hi girls, now my holidays are over and the job is waiting for me, but look at the photos and share is always nice. For those who have not read the post of the first stage of these long-awaited vacation, you can find here.   Polignano: a window to the sea! Outfit: flutter free in … Continue Reading

Outfit: svolazzare libera nel mare!

Good morning girls how are going your days ? In this moment I am in Ostuni second stage of this long-awaited holiday. We left Milan with the bad weather, the rain took us almost all the way to Alba Adriatica our first stop. Being that Puglia is long, we decided to break the journey in … Continue Reading

Gonna lunga svolazzante!

After taking a little ‘color and be a little more tanned, we can finally show a few centimeters of extra skin without feeling the mozzarella. Who does not like to wear a long skirt and summer clothes ?! I love them, will already as a child I would go crazy for skirts, especially the big … Continue Reading