Wedding in sight: here 5 ideas on how to dress!

Hi girls, at this precise moment we are sitting on the top floor of the resurgent, enjoying our cappuccino cathedral view, we are almost Madonna and Milan height offers a fabulous view. We are here because shopping draws and we can not not take advantage of these days where stores make sales as much as … Continue Reading

Perfect Wedding: boho-chic style!

It happens more and more often to address the issue of marriage. Has always been an issue that we cherished, not for the classic reason to dream already small, but for the fact that fascinate weddings. Among the obsessions of recent times is the boho-chic wedding, pure inspiration at the bohemian style. This trend has … Continue Reading

Bridesmaids: how to dress in style !?

We always dream of girls on the wedding day, an accomplice perhaps Cinderella, but we believe in Prince Charming. Many doubts about this, here’s one very important: bridesmaids yes or bridesmaids no? For us bridsmaids yes! Be accompanied by bridesmaids in the wedding day, now it became fully rule even in Italy. Used to seeing … Continue Reading

White september: wedding dresses!

September arrived, autumn is just around the corner but this remains one of the favorite months for all to celebrate weddings and other ceremonies. Just in the month of October I was invited to a wedding, in addition to thinking the dress to wear, choose the accessories that are best suited for such an event … Continue Reading