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We are now officially in the spring, the heat is felt even if in Milan the weather does not seem (for the current week forecast rain), but I feel that the sun still shines, leaving the desire to lighten.

Lighten not only clothing, wearing skirts that flutter, colorful blazers and shoes discoveries, but also the desire to lose the extra pounds that dear winter has given us.

10 days Tummy Tea Tox time for a makeover!


Here Ily he spoke about the Cleanse Drink product, instead today I want to talk about how to prepare our body to change, to be ready to lose the extra pounds. Tummy Tea Tox provides a 10-days program, because to lose weight is not enough psychological preparation, but also the physical.

This first phase focused on the intake of tea detoxifying day and night, that will help us to eliminate the swelling, food vices and to activate the metabolism, for the loss of stubborn pounds.

I’ll take my relaxation, either in the morning for breakfast the night before going to sleep. Breakfast is essential for this before going to the office not give up my time “to take care of me” with energizing tea Daily Kick Tea awakens digestion and gives the energy to face the day.

Having a hectic day and super busy, (including office, travel around lunch break to the Corso Buenos Aires shopping, care of the blog, updating social) arriving in the evening at home that are quite exhausted and even when I think now that the day ended begins my second job: blogging. So you can imagine how relaxing moments are essential to recharge the batteries and be in better shape. On this point I’ll take me at my word, I do not give a good cup of tea. In the company of my favorite magazines (Glamor) and my Sleep Tight Tea (it helps to have a relaxing sleep and body to regenerate itself) get ready for bedtime.

Moreover, the swimsuit season is approaching and to get in shape you have to make some small sacrifice, but if done in a fun and good, it will be even better. I love this tea, one to day really gives the feeling of being deflated and unencumbered, what makes me evening slip into a restful sleep and wake up more rested.

You as you are preparing to eliminate the extra pounds? That program used?

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-10 days Tummy Tea Tox time for a makeover!-

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Thank you Emma!
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Sembra ottimo questo prodotto! baci


Lo sono davvero Sandra! Baci

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