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summer is still warm, even hot … No matter where you roam the sea, island or city, the question you have in mind is: what will I wear tonight?

Often we go into panic because we think we have worn the all new 2017 available but we forget the trends that come back and come back, and they never go out of style.


The fringe: a style of its own!

Accessories make the difference!

Do you want to know a trend that is repeated repeatedly on all the gangways? But that’s not fringes ?!

All of you have seen fringes everywhere, on any boss and accessory for the spring-summer 2017. Well, fashion designers around the world have decided to replicate them by embellishing clothes, jeans, tops, bags, sandals, etc … the thing Beautiful is that in the years we never tire of seeing them because I think it is a separate style.

The fringes have always attracted me, in fact, as a little girl I dressed as a flapper girl. I do not know, but every time I see them wearing heads with fringes, the person who wears them has something hypnotic, which attracts looks at every small movement.

For this summer I have seen several proposals of fringed dresses and I could not choose one for my holidays.

I have chosen a very light dress that binds to the neck with a back discovery, but the real peculiarity is this beautiful game I see I do not see realized from the fringe-style fishing net.

You can wear it with flat sandals (as I always do because I love making long walks) or heels with heels. I would say that the wedges are also perfectly matched.

Obviously for those who love fringes like me, it is advisable not to exaggerate, but to point to a single boss that otherwise contains them creates a shock effect.

These photos were taken in the beautiful city of Riccione.

Do you love dresses with fringes?







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Such a cute fringed dress!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


Thanks a lot darling! Kisses

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