Good morning girls how are going your days ?

In this moment I am in Ostuni second stage of this long-awaited holiday. We left Milan with the bad weather, the rain took us almost all the way to Alba Adriatica our first stop. Being that Puglia is long, we decided to break the journey in Abruzzo to enjoy two days of sun and sea before heading to Puglia.

Outfit : flutter free in the sea !

Arrived in Alba Adriatica exhausted after six hours of traveling we stopped at one of the chalets on the sea for a fast lunch, we could not taste the pancakes and fried cheese, in addition to Ascoli olives stuffed with fish, all good.


After doing kilometers walk we decided to go to the hotel, The red mustache, to rest and regenerate for the evening.

In the evening we went to Corropoli to the festival of the country, I love exploring everything a place has to offer me, where we dined on kebabs really good.


For evening out I chose a long super light dress, with ruffle at the top of off -shoulder. Sneakers given the risk of rain and then the uphill path is perfect. Not to suffer the cold I chose this jacket in jeans everywhere clothes that will be one of my holiday, embroidered with beads and lights .


On the streets of Corropoli I met even these super cute straw dolls and cute … really one of a kind which are immediately became friends .

The second evening we went to the restaurant ” Small chalet” dinner of fish and Latin music. This restaurant is located on the seafront in Alba Adriatica . The promenade of Alba Adriatica offers long walks as well as many restaurants and chalets where to dine.

Wearing a white tank top and pleated maxi skirt, Asos point light sandals, rigid bracelet H & M and Zara small white handbag to carry the essentials.

Here are some pictures of this holiday start … puglia remains my favorite 😍


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