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now my holidays are over and the job is waiting for me, but look at the photos and share is always nice. For those who have not read the post of the first stage of these long-awaited vacation, you can find here.


Polignano: a window to the sea!

Outfit: flutter free in the sea!


After leaving Alba Adriatica, we resumed our journey towards Ostuni, but even before reaching its destination we decided to make a little detour to Polignano a Mare. Polignano a Mare is one of the most beautiful cities of the south coast of Bari, the blue of the sky merges with the blue sea giving it infinite horizons. Walking through the streets of the city we find a lot of similar arches in the windows that open to the sea for a fabulously magnificent views. Not to mention the panoramic terraces that offer an equally stunning view of the sea.

It ‘features a number of coves, where you can relax in the sun and swimming in this poetic sea. In a scenic area of the city is the monument of Domenico Modugno (the great singer of Italian music), the city pays homage to the train that takes visitors to the discovery of the same, to the tune of his songs.

In addition to walking the streets of the old town, you can visit by boat the caves, which are tinged with intense bluish-green shades. We were only there one morning, just as we were passing, but we enjoyed the town admiring the walks through the streets of the old town, we relaxed at the magnificent view that opened the sea, tasting an excellent Apulian focaccia (fcazz and beer , exactly as is traditional). I’d never been before, but I just had a look to fall in love with this city, as saying Modugno (everything) “WONDERFUL”.

For this mini-tour I decided to wear white tank top and skirt suede suede, sandalwood pom pom and fringed backpack to carry it all comfortably. Pay no attention to my hair always windblown 🙂

In the next article I will reveal the other mini stage before I arrived in the white city. For those who have followed us on Snapchat you will certainly have seen the wonders of Puglia.

A big kiss and the next post.





White tank top Zara

Suede skirt H&M

Sandals Pom pom Gatsby

Zara fringed backpack

Eyeglasses Nau

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Polignano è decisamente un sogno!


Decisamente si! Bacione

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