Tick tock, tick it is the seconds and the minutes that remind us of the time; very valuable inexorable passage of time without being chosen. The time that passes we can not stop it, nor control it, but the clocks.

We decide whether we take them, how and when to take them, with that clothing and on what occasion, and here you come into play Hip Hop watches multifaceted.

The colors we wear tell a lot about us, of our being happy or not, our dress super neon or pastel. But sometimes you do not need to upset all, it only takes one accessory to improve our day or our mood.


Hip Hop Mania: watches and timeless!

Rubber, Plastic and PVC: an accessory that you are you?


Often after deciding the look of the day, we pause to choose which accessory match to feel better. With Hip Hop watches we really are spoiled for choice. Their essential and refined design makes these unique watches, for this link all the iconic interchangeability of the elements, thus becoming a mirror of the personality and creativity of each, allowing us to reinvent our style at all times, with an explosion of colors and always trendy materials.

With Hip Hop watches only serves the imagination, to reinvent themselves every day creating our most beautiful accessory. The watches that need to keep time clocks become timeless.

We have chosen this beautiful watch pastel, who can adapt to any look with great class and ease. To you who like?

If you look closely at the video here we are 🙂 thanks Hip Hop!


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IMG-20160907-WA0008 IMG-20160907-WA0009 IMG-20160907-WA0010

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Great watch hun!! xx



Thanks Dominique! Kisses

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