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Today we wanted to deal with you a very important topic for women: the tan. We are preparing so before sun exposure, but maybe we do not give as much attention to the treatments to last long that amber color achieved with so much effort and so many hours in the sun. The holidays are over and one of the thoughts that hangs around in the head is how to keep your tan longer. We women like to think that we can wear our beautiful clothes even in the winter season and the tan should be absolutely perfect to always achieve the desired effect in the mirror.

Aphrodinet: kissed by the sun even when it rains!


Then how should we do ???

For those who want to maintain their tan longer, Aphrodinet.com offers various treatments according to our needs, continuing to be beautiful by maintaining a healthy skin. Their solarium use innovative tools and cutting edge which, together with top quality solar products allow us to tan respecting our skin.

Innovative tools available:

  • facial sun-lamp: specially designed for according to the needs of our skin adjust power and duration of irradiation.
  • tanning beds High pressure: sessions of about 20 minutes to tan “full immersion” and “total body”
  • Sunshower low or high pressure: designed for those who have little time and want an enviable tan, the 8/10-minute session. Do you want to spend even less time than that ??? no problem; spray tanning treatment that in just 6 seconds enables you to show off a natural tan. This treatment is free of contraindications also for pregnant women.
    In addition to these pampering treatments we must never forget that a healthy diet will help our tan.

Aphrodinet.com offers the ability to conveniently book from home the preferred treatment choosing beauty center nearest to us. The services they offer are many: massages, slimming, facial cleansing, body treatments, manicures, pedicures and more. Their website is just a click away for even facilitate the less experienced, offering a high quality service.

We just have to make an appointment and enjoy our treat! As you keep your tan? Us a cot full immersion we do it, just to brighten up a bit the color and keep it for as long as possible.

Kissing girls!


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