Hello girls how was your weekend?

We took a bit ‘of time to collect his thoughts, and the tide of clothes and accessories that now fills our closets. As we pulled out of the closet things I came across in these necklaces that we have not a lot, but that had ended up in the bottom of the accessory box. This is the risk when you have too many things and little room, we could really use a walk-in closet, pity though that we can not afford.


Jewelry that passion!


Here, the box is emptied out the surprise of these two necklaces which we love, are simple, of medium length but super cute and above all read. A silver-colored pendants in the shape of leaf and red dot light, the other gold with skeleton hand pendant that makes a lot of rock. In terms of accessories we have for the “Less is more” in the words of the great Coco, but sometimes a necklace to make more harmonious look there the grant.

We like to wear them with tank tops and T-shirts in everyday outings, going to work, or for a simple walk and a few hours relaxing. If you too are fond of jewelry passpartout here’s where to find them: ringsandtings and using STYLECARD10 code you will be entitled to a discount of 10%.

Have fun shopping and let us know what you chose.




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