The fashion week has ended in Milan for about a month, the fashion shows have made us dream and proposed the trends to inspire, one of the most impressive ones? That military!

The military style dominates the fashion of the moment and along with it the explosive green military color returns.

Military Style: Another Movie!

Mood to wear: Made in Italy!

These days, Milan is breathing in the autumn of autumn and in the wake of trends that has left the fashion week. Military fashion has influenced many women, I see wearing this color from teenagers to career women, in short … a real mania.

The woman also wants to evolve in style, military fashion is the right style to make us back in the years and make us remember that we are strong and determined but also dare and transform our look.

I like the new version of a career-free woman, but true uniforms that sometimes reminded of the military propositions in different shades of green. In fact, designers have created fabulous outfits for the office, always wearing a milky coat makes the woman determined, serious and with a pinch of mystery.

Being passionate about this strong style, I decided to buy this fabulous green style pilot style Top gun, so for a day I felt in a movie … just that I’m not talking about the real one (ie scenes already seen by Top Gun), but another movie, the one set in Milan and I who walked decisively as if I had just come down from a combat tornado. Very nice feeling, really!

I have taken this look even in the various engagements of the parades and it has not gone unnoticed.

With this style as well as wearing an original cap, you can always customize your military chief, combining it with glam accessories to give a different spirit to the outfit.

To make this lively and glamorous color match it to red for a guaranteed result.

With this outfit I decided to create a casual military look.

Do you think about military fashion and the return of green?

A joke


Outfit details:

Green suit: Mango

Bobmer: Stradivarius

Bag: Accessorize

Boots: Alesya




stile militare

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