Good morning maidens, how many of you have attended university? And how many universities at Km Zero?

We have attended the physical university, the one where all the students must present themselves in the classroom to be able to follow the lessons and to support the exams accordingly. One of us graduated, but the other, Blery, gave up the blow because between work and other commitments had become unbearable. This is why we decided to write this article and let more people know about the possibility of attending Zero Zero University: UniPegas. The 70 offices are located in the most prestigious buildings and historic monuments in cities throughout Italy.

University at Km Zero where and when!

University at zero km why choose it?

Studying online is easy and accessible to everyone and you can better combine work life with the university by giving everyone the opportunity to choose their degree, something that in traditional universities can not be done when there is an obligation frequency. With access credentials you have the possibility to follow the activities of the virtual classroom at any time, 24 hours a day.

Who can study with Unipegaso? How to do?

With UniPegaso they can study everyone, at any time and in any place. UniPegaso accompanies its students during the entire course of study.

What to say, Blery is thinking of wanting to resume studying, choose one of the disciplines that most like and try this time to combine study and work.

To learn more this is the link:

You girls what kind of university did you attend? Was it difficult to study and work at the same time or were you only full-time students?

Kisses girls



università a km zero

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