Hello girls, in these days of May and June a little dancers, I’m trying to use a mix of garments that give you the opportunity to transform the spring outfit (a bit ‘ weighted by sudden perturbations) in a light and fresh look. What better boss than the maxi shirt?

Maxi Shirt: Male leader or female trend?

Wondering how I do it?

Very simple… think of a male leader that has never gone out of fashion and that we are forced to iron over and over again during the week because they change every day… In short you have certainly understood what garment it is: their beloved shirt White!!!

Over the years, the classic white male shirt has had different transformations and we can not forget its evolutions to be more and more sexy on men.

In recent years, however, has changed a bit ‘ the concept in considering the white shirt a head purely masculine… so from basic garment of the male wardrobe has become a female leader revisited and with the addition of a little extra cloth has turned into A fantastic “maxi shirt” to be always trendy and never miss a look.

Timeless and seductive, but also comfortable and versatile… The maxi white shirt can wear it all.

The white shirt has become a symbol of the creativity of us women and it was not easy to turn it from the basic head of the men’s wardrobe to the emblem of pure seduction.

How to wear the maxi white shirt?

The maxi white shirt we can always wear, it always makes you feel in order, even when in the morning we leave the house quickly. For the day I recommend you to bet on a chic and comfortable casual look keeping clean lines.

If you want to bet on the white maxi shirt for an evening outfit too, you dare as much as you can, make it a short dress with a beautiful waist belt, leather nail and super sexy solder.

There is little to add, the maxi white shirt is also conquering Hollywood… there where dreams become reality and reality becomes a dream!

Today I propose a casual chic version of the maxi white shirt, I opted for a simple and comfortable look for a classic working day.

What do you think of the maxi shirt? Do you find it comfortable and at the same time sexy?




maxi camicia

white maxi shirt

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