Valentine’s Day is coming but like every year you have not yet decided what to give to your soul mate.

No problem, in this guide we will give you a hand, through our advice you will be able to surprise her.

But before giving you suggestions, you need to understand how long you’ve been together.

How to choose a gift? What to give to Valentine’s Day?

It will seem trivial, but a gift also depends on your affinity, if you are a new couple, you will have to put even more effort!

If you are short of ideas or if you simply do not have fantasies, you will have to try to get an original idea. Here are probably all those couples who have been together for many years and who have now given a little ‘everything and ideas are missing.

Gifts for him

Unlike women, men do not pay much attention to surprises, they prefer a simple gift, but at the same time they leave their mark.

If your partner is a romantic, sweet phrases should not be missing on Valentine’s Day. You know sometimes even just a little thought is enough to give a smile and warm the heart.

Writing a letter or giving him something personalized, you will certainly make a good impression, you can think of a picture of you together, the one in absolute among the best ones or a cover for the smartphone.

An important aspect should not be overlooked, men like women take care of their body. Surprise him with a beard set, a perfume, a kit after sports or a beard and mustache kit.

Acqua di Giò by Giorgio Armani, a perfume that never goes out of fashion, for a self-confident man, a lover of freedom.

A long shaving kit of excellent workmanship with valuable products that contain only ingredients and aromas of natural origin.

Gifts for her

For men, deciding the gift for one’s beloved is a difficult task, but not entirely difficult.

Before getting to work, ask yourself a question is a girl inclined to the soft toys or sweets? Then the ideal gift would be a beautiful box with its favorite sweets or a giant teddy bear (they are always so beautiful and cuddly, even for us who now exceed 30 years :-)).

Lindt heart box, a box that encloses your love in one form.

To be on the safe side you can give her make-up products, accessories, bijoux.

Why do not you think of a Pandora pendant? a small gift, but of great significance. Here is an irresistible charm with a strong and clear message.

Also from Stroili Oro they have beautiful gifts to celebrate the party of lovers. Click directly on the image to see their proposals.



As a small heart, the ear cuff according to Pandora is very romantic, perfect for the most rock.

As you can see you just have to think about it a bit ‘and the gift comes from’. Here we wanted to give you some ideas of simple gifts, not to spend a capital, but to be able to express your feelings perfectly.

Have you already decided what to give to your half on Valentine’s Day? Given that love must be celebrated every day, it is always nice to receive a little thought that day. Tell us what you will give and what you think you can receive from your loved one. We can not wait to read you.

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