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As you’ve already noticed the title, today we’re talking about bikini and the brand that holds the Big Brother Vip edition this year. Have you seen the bikini and the whole costumes that look inside the house? Beautiful, imaginative and make you want to return to the sea.

The holidays for us are over, but we do not lock the bikini in the drawer.

2BEkini SS2018: what do you choose ?!

On Sunday, September 24, during the fashion week of Milan, we were immersed in the atmosphere created by 2BEkini in collaboration with Glamor Affair in via Tortona at the showroom Officina 14.

Many colorful, imaginative stunts full of Bikini and Beachwear welcomed us as soon as you arrived in the location, plus Iolanda Corio who was a hostess, warmly welcoming us.

The thing that struck us is the great news: the 2BEkini can also wear the boys. Eh … just so, the 2BEman collection is born. Colors that mingle with each other, go from white to black, acid green and camouflage print. Boxer / slip, t-shirt, beach towel, slippers, backpacks all that a man needs to go to the beach and beyond.

Yes, just like that, bikinis and costumes are not only used to the sea and only in the summer. Think how beautiful it is to show off the moment when we are at the spa with friends or at the pool. So you do not have to wait for the summer to have your favorite of the new collection.

You can choose between triangle or band, slip or brazilian, combine different pieces of different colors and / or fantasies.

In addition to the solid pieces we also find fantasies such as Coco Love (heart prints, neon writing and cartoon flowers), Sunshine (tropical fruit on lace, lurex printed crochet and ethnic flowers on sequined backgrounds) and much more.

We had the opportunity to find out we’ve already chosen our favorites and you? What do you prefer? Slip or Brasilian? Triangle or band?

We are curious to read you!





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