Travelling and maintaining a stylish look together is no easy job. Long aeroplane rides and jet lag can often get to us, and we end up not looking our best. However, you do not need to haul your entire closet with you to look good, some tips are universal. Creating a look does not require insider beauty knowledge; it is about using your creativity in a manner that best expressed you. If you want to satisfy that wanderlust within you but still look effortlessly beautiful, follow these simple tips and you can enjoy your vacation while looking gorgeous! Here some styling tips for you.

consigli di styling

  1. Plan and Pack: Before deciding on your travel wardrobe, pick and choose the items that you want to pair together. This will help you in avoiding the hassle of choosing your outfit every single day. By doing so, you can pack a single black pant to go along with three different shirts, and thus have three outdoor outfits. This creates space in your suitcase, and gives you multiple options to choose from at the same time! Ms Young, a New York-based stylist says, “Ideally, you should be wearing each piece two or three times on your trip. Anything less is a waste of space.” Therefore, keep in mind different clothes that can be worn in variation. If these choices confuse you, opt for a neutral palette consisting of charcoal black, navy blue, greys and whites. These offer a solid foundation to any outfit and can create a smart yet casual look at the same time. If you want to add a splash of colour, add a bright printed t-shirt or sequenced scarf to go along with your outfit to create a vibrant look. For men, a black pair of jeans is a must-have, since you can create a timeless look by adding a crisp white shirt and a black leather belt. It is important to pack shoes that go along with each outfit. If you are heading to a sunny location, pack a pair of sandals. Packing a pair of white or black sneakers gives you the freedom of pairing it with any other outfit and looking stylish at the same time!

  1. Accessorize: Going along with the first point, accessorizing can completely change the look of your outfit and make a boring outfit come alive. If you pack in the right manner, then you can create multiple outfits by accessorizing in the right way. Scarves are very flexible, and are used as a chic bandana or tied loosely around your neck. They can make an ordinary white shirt look very modern and fun. For women, handbags are both a practical and stylish option for looking good. Crossbody bags lend carefree, casual look and designer bags add a more luxurious, expensive touch. Keeping the location and event in mind, pack accordingly. Having a delicate silver or gold bracelet around your wrist creates an elegant touch that can add charm to any simple outfit. A simple white shirt with an eye-catching necklace around your neck can transform your look. Sunglasses are always in style and is a must-have for any traveller. Large, beach sunglasses are always popular, while smaller, round sunglasses create a vintage look that will surely leave you trending on social media! It adds to the smart and stylish look and will make you comfortable in the sunny weather and protect your eyes from pollution. Men do not need to shy away from accessorizing, as accessories only add to the allure and charm of a man. Having a bracelet adds to the persona of the man, and creates a classy look. Men bead bracelets create a rustic and authentic charm, which can go along with a simple shirt and jeans and make them look handsome. Watches are universal in their appeal, and strapping on a polished, expensive watch can add to your look and make you more appealing. There are various types of watches like mechanical, digital and analogue. Pick and choose what best represents you and your style.

The styling tips do not end there, here we are at the third point

  1. Pack one dressy outfit: Keeping your location in mind, pack one single outfit that is dressier and expensive to use for a night out. Having a jacket and shirt set will allow you to recreate this outfit different times, and you can create a stylish look by adding a smart black jacket to your ordinary day shirt. For women, an elegant dress can create a beautiful, feminine look that can be paired along with jewellery while for men; you can create a timeless look with the classic black suit. Doing so ensures that you look glamorous on the right occasions, and have a casual and chic look for your everyday wear. If you want to further reduce the hassle of packing and lugging heavy suitcases around, you can travel in exercise clothes which are comfortable and flexible and do not take much space in your suitcase. Since they have a sweat-resistant fabric, you do not need to worry about odour. You have a range of options to choose from, but choose those with a lightweight fabric, since you do not want to create a heavy, drab look. Dresses, jumpsuits, etc are both elegant yet fun, and pairing it with heel or wedges and a few accessories can make your outfit come alive while not taking up a lot of space.

consigli di styling

Ultimately, your entire look comes down to the choices you make. You do not need to be a runway diva to cut a stylish figure, some simple adjustments and calculated decisions will not only reduce time and effort but also make you look effortlessly cool. Fashion is self-expression, and there is no set recipe of following rules that can create your look. Choose what you feel comfortable in and dress in clothes that capture your style and essence. Have a solid foundation to your clothing and then experiment with accessories and makeup and you will surely end up looking glamorous for your next summer destination!

What would you add to these 3 styling tips? Let us know in the comments.

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