Good morning beauty!

Here we are! With the summer behind and the Christmas holidays awaiting the flock is lurking.
The fact that the summer is just over and that for bikini testing is missing several months does not mean that we can let go (also because when it comes May we should do twice the job to eliminate so much hated “rolls”).
But does this mean that we should give up the flavor of the autumn dishes or give up the lucrative Christmas meals?

3 tips to keep fit even during parties!

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Surely not! Life is one and you have to enjoy it all the way.
As always, what allows us to not accumulate extra pounds is not to overdo it.
Here are 3 tips that allow you to keep fit without having to give up on the pleasure of food.

Keep fit with physical activity

The first advice is definitely to keep fit with exercise.
Many with the arrival of the cold seasons give up to go to the park or make a simple walk in the open air. Nothing wrong! Certainly it is not advisable to go out with rain to the ground, but do not stop by a bit of cold: cover well and move.
If then do not tolerate the cold air then equipped to do physical activity at home.

The treadmill or the bike is a great ally. If you do not have these two tools and you do not want to spend money, nothing scary. The Internet is packed with video tutorials that show exercises that allow you to tone up or dispose of calories, so no excuses!

Beware of feeding

As already mentioned, parties are around the corner. This means that the temptation will be great: how to give up some typical Christmas dishes? The trick is to eat them, but not exaggerate.
So if your dear grandmother has prepared 10 varieties of cookies, try some, but then stop and remember that the summer is not so far away: D.
If you do not want to just give up taste, there are a few tricks that allow you to eat it with taste, but with little calories.
Steam cooking, for example, allows you to prepare succulent dishes without adding fat.
And what about super versatile and powerful microwaves? These appliances not only allow you to cook briefly, but they feature features that allow you to steam, or even make a homemade yogurt. The most modern models, with crisp features, allow you to get potato chips without making you regret frying. At the site you can find many models that have this feature.

Never miss the water

You know, when it’s cold, the desire to drink falls. In fact, the amount of water to be recommended is always about two liters. Drinking is fundamental in several aspects: water is needed to regulate certain cellular processes; keeps the skin soft and elastic; makes us drain the excess liquids.
So if you feel thirsty, you can fix the problem with an app, or put the bottle in sight so that when you see it you remember to drink.

These 3 tips may be trivial, but because of that, it is very difficult to be constant, even to keep a good habit of just reading.
But if you keep it consistently, these 3 actions will allow you to enjoy the food without regret it!

kisses Gilrs!



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