Travelling is like dreaming, except that you do it with your eyes open often, but not only. Those who travel have the opportunity to see the world from different angles and seem to live not only a life, but many, like the many cultures that you go to meet. The day before the start we are a bit agitated, for this reason the night before we can not get to sleep, we feel explosive, we continue to move in bed from one side to the other and we remain awake all night staring at the time… eh yes, this is called Adrenaline and only those who love to travel can understand it.

One of the most beautiful things about traveling are the souvenirs that you buy in the place, but if a place stays in our hearts and we always want to bring with us how can we do it? And if we told you that the way there is and that you can even wear it? Surprises huh?

3D rings: The Memory of a journey!

It doesn’t really matter which part of the world you are in and what destination you are planning to visit, when you are in front of a new place, never visited, maybe even a few kilometers from your home, feel a feeling of peace and enjoy every moment of that adventure. Why travel? What do we think we find in a place away from home? It is not necessary to bring expectations, which ruin the spirit of the journey, but to bring curiosity and open mind to receive unexpected emotions. Traveling not only opens your mind, but enriches you a lot, interacting with the people of the place who tell you their stories and the most important places in their city, which deserve to be visited, making that journey more suggestive and fascinating What you thought.

In short, we have always had this passion. The beauty of getting to know new places, new traditions, new languages, new cultures, new colors and flavors, has only nurtured more and more in us, the desire to leave and tell with the heart full of emotions our adventure. Every time we came back from a trip, we never came back empty-handed; Usually we always buy an unusual or typical item, which is the place we just visited.

For those of us who love to immortalize a happy moment that has given you a trip, there are now “City rings”,hand-drawn 3d rings to make a dream real. On the site  “Avizzano jewels “ By Giovanni Avizzano you will find all the most important icons of the cities that you have visited and that for you have a priceless affective value. You can turn those emotions into a beautiful silver/gold/Bronze Jewel to always carry with you. A dream that becomes reality, comes to life, forms, and tells something about you. His rings are taken care of in every detail, not only because they represent exactly a particular significant monument of a city, but because they are born from his passions that are travel and music. We all know that working with passion makes everything more beautiful. Her jewels are a beautiful and original idea to give as well as to wear ourselves.

You love this type of jewel, you like the rings in 3d, those that tell stories? Tell us about your experiences.



anelli in 3d   



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