After the change of season and the consequent selection, we just have to check that we have all the clothes necessary to face the imminent increase in temperatures. In this article we want to tell you about the 5 leaders that make spring according to us.

We are sure that each of you already has: jeans with a lighter wash, shorts, miniskirts, leotards to match with high-waisted trousers and crop-tops to pull out when the summer season starts.

There are, however, must haves that you cannot miss, and in our opinion these five are:

5 garments that make spring and can’t miss in the wardrobe!

  • In the first place the best seller par excellence: the leather nail.

A biker and rock style jacket that will perfectly match any outfit. The classic is certainly black, but the powder pink and yellow colors, which are very trendy for eco-leather, should not be underestimated.

The nail is ideal over a small dress with décolleté, to lighten up and make a look more casual, but even more over a jeans. Our favorite combination, leather jacket and long skirt, perfect for both day and evening.

5 capi che fanno primavera


  • As a second item, we offer the classic and timeless suit.

This year, more than ever, it is one of the best-selling items in clothing stores, generally at the modest price of 30/35 euros for the entire suit, in smaller brand shops of course.

Besides being perfect for the spring climate, it is undoubtedly perfect for the period: we know that May and June are full of ceremonies, including communions and weddings, so … why not wear a nice suit ?! Those soft and chiffon would be perfect also for the mother of the bride / groom do not believe?

  • The undisputed protagonist is without a doubt denim, despite having played its part even during the winter.

We advise you to buy (if you have not already done so) a denim jacket, both the close-fitting jacket that comes to life, and the slightly wider and vintage one (very fashionable also in dark gray or black). Speaking of denim, you can’t not have in your closet: the denim shirt and the maxi denim shirt to wear with a dress-like waist belt;

5 capi che fanno primavera

  • In fourth place is the classic beige trench coat, long and with black buttons: the timeless garment of the feminine and masculine wardrobe for almost a century.

Despite its “seniority”, it is a coat that you can buy for € 29.99 in all the most popular stores, such as Pimkie, Stradivarius and H&M. As you can see, you don’t always have to spend a capital to be fashionable.

Trendy for this spring-summer season is the mini-trench coat, ideal for those who don’t have the height to wear something of that length;

5 capi che fanno primavera

  • Last but not least, blouses and shirts (which can also be useful as a base for the suit we were talking about earlier).

Here you can play as only a woman can and loves to do: buy them in different colors and fabrics, knot them in waist with a nice flared trouser underneath, for a casual look that looks at trends.

5 capi che fanno primavera

In addition to the base of which we could not make you a quick list, we just have to inform you about what will most characterize this season: equip yourselves with something that is in the style of “animalier”, therefore, leopard, python and zebra (you know well that the trends come back) and of course, anything floral fantasy.

Speaking of accessories, on the other hand, we recommend the purchase of the much sought-after convex headbands (of all colors) and chic shoulder bags. We hope, as always, to have given you some ideas for this spring shopping and … if you have something to add, don’t hesitate to let us know !!! Follow us on instagram where we often publish shots of our outfits.

What are your 5 heads that make spring?


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