How to organize the wardrobe in five moves, to make room for spring clothes, has been hanging around for a while now. Spring is coming both as a date and as a temperature, they are making us understand the beautiful sunny days and the air we breathe. For us women the change season starts from the closet, we all know that it is so, but its reorganization It is never (or almost never) pleasant. Today we will talk about this. We want to give you some advice and make the time you dedicate to this activity as pleasant as possible.

No matter what kind of wardrobe you have, each of you can easily follow our five very simple steps. We all know that we dream of the walk-in closet, but unfortunately we are not so lucky to have it. Before you start remember to create a playlist with the songs you like best, they will keep you company in this long, long business.

Ready, start … go … and change of wardrobe! 5 moves to organize the wardrobe to the fullest!

1. Empty the wardrobe from all the clothes.

Well yes, you will have to examine the item from head to head and think about the possible outfits that you can create with what you have (and that you may not remember anymore to have purchased).

2. Thoroughly clean each shelf and each shelf.

So you can use surface spray and a multi-purpose cloth, you will see that everything will return as new.

3. Make a selection.

In this third step you will need a lot of patience, you will need two boxes (one in which to place what you decide to keep and the other for what you discard) and finally a mirror for when you will try the items that do not convince you anymore . Only in this way can you choose what to keep and what to give to those who need it most. Keep in mind that it is useless to put back in the wardrobe what you do not like anymore. You will not wear it next year, we know it’s always said, but then it never happens 🙂

4. Fold all the clothes well and wash what you think they need, they will look more beautiful and fresh.

It will seem strange, but when the clothes are washed take on a new face, the colors seem more vivid and therefore everything seems more beautiful and new .

5. Put all the clothes in the closet with handy what you will need more often and at the top the less current or purely winter clothes.

We know that you, like us, you will certainly have those items that you wear more and more willingly, a little ‘perhaps out of laziness or simply because you are fond of it. Finally, to give a pleasant scent to your wardrobe, you can put a few leaves of lavender or bay leaf closed in a small bag. If you also wanted to combine business with pleasure, and if the items were still in good condition to be reused, you can leave them in special yellow bins to get them to charity.

We hope to have been helpful or at least to have given you the courage to start the first change of the season of 2019, to organize the wardrobe to the fullest! How do you usually behave? What other tips and points would you add to our 5?

We are all ears, we like you have to change the wardrobe, but dreaming of a nice walk-in closet! You already have it ??? Shhh this do not tell us that otherwise you make us die 🙂

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