The lockdown has also upset the way we dress. Working in smart working has made us somewhat less fashionable and has brought out the desire to return to the new normal look, to minimal fashion, the one that needs a few and basic clothes, to be chic at the same time. We know that summer is not over yet, despite our holidays yes (about this we have lots of photos to show you on our instagram profile and lots of places for you to discover on our travel blog However, it is necessary to do this article before the new wardrobe season change and before putting our website / blog on standby for the restyling. Thesprintsisters changes face and will soon present itself in a new guise, many new features coming.

Few rules for a perfect new normal autumn look

If in the video call you could only see the piece above the figure, most of them were made up of sessions, it was necessary to focus on the tee that could enhance our face even in an unattractive moment like the one recently passed . This has probably meant that we focus more on the quality of what we wear, taking into account a few rules to create a minimal but trendy look.

Now that summer is about to give way to autumn, we have to do the seasonal change of our wardrobe again. We are used to pulling out jackets and blazers in this period, but this autumn we must absolutely focus on pullovers. The pullover is the passpartout garment of autumn, it is perfect to wear it both for a walk or to return to the office and / or work from home.

You can easily combine the sweater in question with jeans, over or tucked inside them, in a romantic version with a maxi dress or simply tone sur tone over the shirt and trousers.

Two other outerwear not to be underestimated, which are part of minimal fashion, are definitely the striped shirt and the trench coat. If you have to face a video call no to lines, they are not the most suitable garment, yes on all other occasions. If you can, go back to the office by choosing a shirt with a masculine cut, strictly striped, to be worn also by mixing it with trousers or skirts with different patterns. A perfect mix and match is undoubtedly the one between stripes and flowers.

The trench coat, on the other hand, does not need many presentations, it has always been the must-have outerwear par excellence and without a season. Lately we have abandoned it a little bit, it seemed almost a foregone garment and even a little boring. Nothing could be more wrong, if you don’t have one yet, run to buy it. Choose classic and you will see that it will never bore you. You can really wear it with everything and for every occasion, both casual and formal and business.


The right accessories for a perfect minimal chic look

It is known that women cannot do without shoes and bags. Lately the tachi, so loved by us, have abandoned themselves. We have all learned to appreciate the comfort of flat shoes, leaving the heel 12 only for the occasions that require it. The sneakers or sneaker you mean, are certainly very comfortable, but are they all chic enough for any outfit?

Let’s say that autumn shoes will be moccasins, there are also those with heels, but we suggest flat ones. Loafers have the right percentage of chic and coolness to be able to make a comeback for this fall 2020. As you can see, they can easily be worn with both trousers, jeans and skirts.

Another essential accessory for us sissies are bags. You no longer need to buy many and all types, you have to invest in the right ones, even if every look needs its own. Maybe it’s time to go crazy, what do you think? A designer brand is forever, a bit like a diamond. It also goes great in vintage version.

Does the multitasking scarf tell you something? How many roles can a single accessory have? Just think that we tie it on the head like Jackie Onassis did, for years we have worn it as a bandana, we have tied it to the bag, as a belt at the waist and so on and so forth. A novelty is that proposed by Olivia Palermo, mask scarf, the undisputed accessory for 2020.

The last accessory to use to create a perfect new minimal look are definitely the earrings. The small and minimal ones that we are used to wearing to go to the office let’s put them aside for a while, to make room for earrings that stand out.

During the lockdown period they were the most requested accessory, in video-call they certainly make a great scene, light up the face and attract attention. If, on the other hand, they are worn to go out, they are perfect to combine with a minimal look. If you are not usually used to wearing large earrings, no problem, they are fine even of medium size, what matters is the style. We abandon the basic earrings to make room for the wow ones.

look new normal

Now that you have all the elements for a new normal look, all you have to do is create your wish list. If you need to understand where to find a garment rather than another, you can ask for our advice. We love to discover and combine seasonal garments. For contacts you can send us an email or leave a message in the comments.

What do you think of this return to minimal fashion?

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