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how hard was it for all of us to resume after the holidays and return to our daily life made of the usual actions and jobs? For us, it’s definitely a lot, but we are consoled by the fact that, being commuters, we take advantage of the time we spend on the means to dedicate ourselves to our favorite activities:
write articles for the blog, update our social networks and read.

‘900 in 2000: how to appreciate literature!

That’s right, we love literature and we like to lose ourselves in different stories from each other and in emotions that only books and great novels can transmit. For us, reading has always been a moment to devote to ourselves, without worries and thoughts, dedicating ourselves only to the pages of the book we hold in our hands. This passion for books and literature still continues, at times becomes a sort of oasis for the mind and for the heart.

Today we want to talk to you about a new collection proposed by the publishing group of L’Espresso dedicated to the books of the ‘900 that found their fortune in 2000. At the time of their publication they had not completely conquered the general public but, republished in the 2000s, they were much more appreciated as right than it was.
We are talking about titles such as “The Karnowski Family” by Israel Joshua Singer, “Aunt Mame” by Patrick Dennis, “The long look” by Elisabeth Jane Howard and many others that can enrich our culture. Reading is very important not only because it enriches our language, but opens the mind to new horizons and realities that we could never possibly know.
Fortunately, thanks to this wonderful initiative, The twentieth century in 2000, we have the opportunity to rediscover the great of the ‘900: every Saturday starting from 06 January we find them on newsstands with the Republic and L’Espresso for only 9.90 €.

So thanks to # literature2000 that allows us once again to appreciate the novels of the ‘900 making a personal cultural baggage.
To find out more, we leave you the link: SITE
What do you think about it? Are you a book lover? What do you like to read?





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