Who at least once in life, did not dream of visiting the eternal city? All of us, I’m sure …

Rome, is not only the capital of our beautiful Italy, but was the capital of the Roman Empire and its historical center is the testimony, outlined by the perimeter of the Aurelian walls (an expression of the historical and cultural heritage of almost three millennia).

This city, as well as having an immense size, is also very vast and rich in historical places, as well as breathtaking landscapes in which to take a dip in a distant past.

For these reasons and for many others, we were thinking of organizing a weekend in Rome, to discover the eternal city.

A journey through time: Rome, the eternal city!

First thing to do for a short trip? Book in advance …

The location of our hotel in Rome is the eternal city, to be able to visit it at its best is essential. You know that when you choose a half like this, around all day to see the beauties it offers, then you need an accommodation that can fully meet our every need. We would like to stay in a hotel that allows us to quickly reach the artistic beauties of Rome, such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna and so on .. it would be great to be able to come back and rest between one exploration and another.

After a lot of research on the net, we discovered the well-known chain of Best Western hotels that offers hotels in Rome that fully meet our needs: first of all for the central location that should not be underestimated, then because they are furnished to the latest fashion with all comfort, offer a range of services to make your stay more pleasant.

We know well that being able to find a hotel in Rome at the last moment and a central location is not a simple undertaking, but Best Western Hotels & Resorts offers several solutions to choose from, and signing up to the site you can take advantage of a discount of 30 %.

We are really excited to visit this wonderful city and to know the most romantic places that have been the setting for thousands of films. From incurable romantic, one of the places we absolutely want to see is “The Milvian Bridge” (reference point for couples who want to seal their love with a personalized lock) and “The driveway of lovers” (also called “The Zodiac”) , where you can admire the whole city from above.

We know well that to visit all of Rome it would take weeks, but we have perfectly framed hotels and places to visit even for a short trip.

Do you love Rome the eternal city? When planning a trip, do you book in advance like us?

Expect to read your experiences, because traveling means living a second life.


-Blery & Ily-

Rome, the eternal city roma la città eterna

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