Goodmorning beauty, are you still on holiday or are yours almost coming to an end?

Ours are almost over and soon we have to go back to work, but we are enjoying these last days of vacation so we have more time to rest than to shop and find new trends.

When you are on holiday everything becomes more beautiful and relaxing, you can also spend hours and hours shopping online. About online shopping, do you want to buy something new and different? Here, on the ROSEGAL site, you have a 33% discount on all items, but if you use the RGEN discount code you can get a 10% discount. What are we talking about?

Asymmetrical dress for a trendy summer!


We have to say that this summer’s summer sales were a little disappointing, what we bought most was some bikinis and some handbags, for the rest we had a lot.

However, under the umbrella between a bath and the other, the unrepeatable desire to buy takes over and so the smartphone in hand and goes to the front of new and trendy sites.

Just in one of these times we met the Rosegal site and fell in love with asymmetrical dress.

The site offers a wide range of men’s and women’s clothing, accessories to complete all kinds of outfits, bikinis and beach accessories and more.

In our wardrobe are missing asymmetrical clothes for the summer, so we thought it best to choose one by one.

Ily, who is taller and slim, chooses a light blue dress with prints and fringes, but Blery points to flowers and laces.

This type of dress is perfect for walking on the beach, you can wear them both with flat sandals, those we prefer when we are at the sea, with the heels to make them more stylish.

Whether you choose medium or long lengths you can wear them with a waistband to create more movement.

What do you think? Do you like asymmetrical clothes?

If you also want a trendy head in your closet, do not forget to use the discount code at the beginning of the post.



-Blery & Ily-


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