The Sprint Sisters: Blery & Ily, two sisters and many passions!


about us Blery&Ily


Blery, the older sister, was born in 1986 on a cold February day, she hates the cold, if it were for her she would always live in the summer.

The one that would be able to fund the credit card in a single day, relentlessly robbing the shops of Corso Buenos Aires and beyond.

The mind always sprints, even when asleep it gives birth to ideas that it always tries to put into practice, perhaps even too much, impulsive and determined dreamer.

He can’t always count to 10 before reacting and then … sometimes regret it.

Sweet or odorous but 100% true. Distinctive mark: crazy and romantic.

thesprintsisters about us
thesprintsisters about us
thesprintsisters about us
thesprintsisters about us
thesprintsisters about us
thesprintsisters about us


Ily, the little sister, was born in 1987, exactly on August 25th (date reported punctually at every start on the calendar of the famous movie “The beautiful woman”, destiny ?!)

Desperate case of “perfection” always looking for something new that can satisfy his stimuli.

With a super critical eye and privacy, but with so much radiance in the soul, he takes care of his passions.

Being a born dreamer, she often likes to isolate herself from reality and live in Wonderland, where everything is possible.

He loves fashion, photography, theater, poetry, music and travel to learn about new realities.

In 2012 he published his first book of poetry“Le radici del cuore”,  a collection of 42 love poems.

Graduated in 2016 from the Department of Economics and Business Sciences of the University of Pavia. During his university years he began to approach the world of marketing, webwriting and blogging.


about us thesprintsisters
about us thesprintsisters
about us thesprintsisters
about us thesprintsisters
about us thesprintsisters


Durazzo our native country, Italy (Lodi), the adopted one since 1999. Already as children we loved playing with barbie, making up, dressing and continuously undressing creating different combinations of outfits, sometimes with needle and thread we modified the dresses of our dolls to create new ones. The years pass and we become great, and with us also the passions we have. Despite our scientific and economic studies, the passion for fashion always remains in the drawer until it comes out in 2016.

about us


Two blondes, almost twins, never rivals and always united, so this space could only be called THE SPRINT SISTERS, this to answer to all those who often ask us where the name of our blog comes from. We have always faced each other, following brands and bloggers, putting into practice advice and trends, but distinguishing ourselves for our personal style. More and more convinced that: “Fashion passes, style remains” as the great Coco Chanel used to say.

In February 2016 this personal project begins, our blog, which does not want to teach anyone anything, is just our showcase of communication, sharing and fun.

We are two sisters, but we seek the third, fourth, fifth and so on … to become 1 million!

We start right away to collaborate with many Made in Italy and other brands, such as: Hogan, Bioline -Jato, Ebay, Occitane, Hello Body, Clinique, Estelauder, Acqua dell’Elba etc.


Slowly we grow with them and we always love to discover their world and their products, trying to best represent them in our capacity as content creator.

In our everyday life and with the sincerity that sets us apart, we review every product on the blog and always after having tested it firsthand.

Our strong point is undoubtedly simplicity. We are “the sisters next door” and we hope to demonstrate it daily on our social media channels. Extracts of daily life that can make you understand who we are, not just the products we test and trends.

This is our journey, and traveling alone is not nice, so we invite you to come aboard. Our opinion is always 100% ours, nobody forces us to write what you read.

Let the journey begin!


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We never stop studying and updating on the world of blogging, we have acquired enough experience to be able to put it at the service of others.

Read here what we can do for you!

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