How many times looking at the sketches of fabulous clothes or the composition of interiors and furnishings we think about how good are the people who designed it? Often it happens to admire even before the finished product, which we wear and we make at first glance also the designs and hands of the experts who created it to make us beautiful and make beautiful the environments in which we live. All this can be studied at the Fashion Academy.

Academy of Fashion: for real fashion and design professionals!

Day long skirt: That’s how I wore it!

The Academy of Fashion was born in Naples in the Seventies from an idea of Maestro Domenico Lala, master of sartorial art but wanted to give more prominence and bring new SAP to the world of old tailors. Today the Fashion Academy is a point of reference and represents a certainty for young people who want to undertake this career. Today the Academy of Fashion is the only private body of high education of southern Italy recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and research among the institutions AFAM for the three-year courses of I level in design of fashion, design and Interior architecture, Graphic design and visual communication. For those who live in the north should not despair, the offices have also arrived in Milan, precisely in 2017, both to follow three-year courses and for short ones, and is located in Central Station.

Another strong point is that 70% of the students who come out of here are employed in the field. The Institute offers a wide range of training courses ranging from fashion and interior design to industrial modeling. Also from the opportunity to participate in the Graduate Fashion Week in London.

If you want to see with your own eyes the innovation of the Academy of Fashion you can participate on 30 May 2018 at the event to be held in Naples in Castel dell ‘ Ovo, where will be present 50 installations of graphics, dresses and various design works at all Levels. Here the site link to better understand what we are talking about.

Experience definitely to live to be able to lose in the magic. What do you think?

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