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today we want to tell you the story of Trendhim, a Danish brand founded in 2007 by Sebastain and Mikkel, and later also Martin. At the age of 18, with the longing to grow and create something that could last over time. The ideas were certainly lacking, so many sacrifices and obstacles to overcome to get the success they have today. At first they even had friends and relatives, who worried that their idea might fail did not support them enough.

But they did not give up, they had a good idea that Rome had not been built in a single day and so they slept on their sleeves, slept and worked at home for years and years overwhelmed by cans and their products. What are we talking about?

Men’s Accessories.

Extremely masculine accessories!

Their idea was just that, building something extraordinary that could pamper the men, help them to be trendy by choosing the right accessories for their every outfit. They are successful and today they are scattered around the world.

On their site there is a very wide variety of products, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, shaving, hair care, belts, clowns, tie neckties, and so on. It is the ideal site if you are looking for an original idea for your Christmas gift. We know, Christmas is still a bit short, but then we always find it to the last to make the right gift.

We really appreciate their products, their original and never-minded ideas, their care and attention to their customers. We wanted to talk to you about this brand because we love to find new realities first and then share it with you, we took advantage of our personal model, our brother, to preview you necklaces and bracelets of this line.

For him necklace with black beads, durable, durable elastic finish that allows it to slip from the head and reaches to the lower part of the chest. Pearls are made of black wood.

The set of black bracelets on perfect black to wear together, but also separately being totally different from each other. They are supplied in a perfect black bag to give.

Instead, the second trio of wooden bracelets and coconut is perfect and versatile to match with the male wardrobe, thanks also to the neutral color tones.

Their strength is extraordinary, that is, commitment every day so that everything is extraordinarily in line with customer needs.

What do you think of these accessories? We leave you photos of the male accessories worn by our brother and some photos of what you can find on the site. For newsletter subscribers there are often 50% discounts and occasionally 40% discounts on new collections. Wait, go to peek 🙂

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