Good morning beauties, do you remember what were the 90s accessories for your hair? Who of us has never worn the plastic band or the hair band? But if you think about it, they certainly do not end here.

90s accessories for the hair: the return!

Hair: grand class tail!

I still remember when I was little, I had my beautiful hairband, strictly plastic, decorated with daisies and I never parted. I was so fixed that among the accessories that I used for the hair I also had the headband and the clothespins, those that were placed on the sides of the head to support the fringe or the locks outposed. Exactly the same, in key revisited-certainly more beautiful and decorated, are those we saw in the fashion shows. Donatella Versace, used them in her recent show to put on top of the models, on both sides of her hair. They are very reminiscent of the school desks of the 90s, years in which they were born, but now they are back to stay. If you browse on Instagram, Alexa Chung brings them with great ease, electing the Baby Clips as the boyish accessory par excellence, irresistible charm to wear from morning to night.

Take care that the Bany Clips are not the only accessory that claims and returns from the past.

Among the 90s accessories for hair, the famous comb headband seen on the Prabal Gurung catwalks is back. The comb headband is an accessory that adapts perfectly to any curly or smooth hair that creates a romantic and refined look. Thinking that in the 90s, using the headband was a sign of laziness, it was used especially when there was no desire and time to devote to combing. Now it becomes a sophisticated accessory, used for ad hoc hairstyles becoming the symbol of feminine empowerment.

Fashion returns!

Just so dear friends, fashion returns and is renewed. Another accessory from the 90s that we find among those who return to stay is the plastic molleton. You understood very well, what we used to see at the hairdresser, or to wear on the beach for comfort or simply at home when doing crafts and loose hair can become annoying. Hearing, listen, the mollettone is back … directly from the catwalks of New York, he shows himself not at all shy and conquers the world again. Guido Palau, the most visionary hairstylist took him to the Alexander Wang fashion show calling him banana clip.

These say that they are just some of the accessories that were used for hair in the 90s and have made a great comeback. All of us will remember the colored rubber bands, the butterfly clamps, the bandana and whoever more. But thinking about it, a bit of nostalgia returns to those times where everything was simpler.

What do you think of this return? Did you miss the 90s?

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Accessori anni '90 per i capelli accessori accessori anni '90 per i capelli

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