It is known that every season has its accessories, those that help us create always different looks. Spring is now in full swing, it was not long in spite of the difficult moment we are going through. For this reason we must think about spring summer accessories and how to combine them.

One of the first things we do with the arrival of the first heat is the change of the closet, we have also listed it as anti virus therapy during the lockdown. We look in detail at all the garments that we wore the previous year and within us the desire to introduce new garments of all kinds and colors is growing. Especially in this period, staying at home, we had the opportunity to peek online all the news that await us, the various combinations from soft colors to fluorescent ones and accessories.

Why do you want to change the closet?

Because we women change mood based on the accessories we wear. They have the power to change our mood and give us the strength to face the day in the right direction. If you want to be bright on an important occasion, we advise you to dress basic and choose accessories that give light to your face, highlighting your strengths. You can do all this only by having a well-ordered wardrobe, which can allow you to immediately identify both the clothes and the accessories to combine with each other.

What are the colors of spring summer 2020?

To avoid opening the closet and not having anything colorful and stylish to wear, we recommend that you focus on the fluorescent color or a bold beautiful pastel.

What can not miss in your spring wardrobe:

  • a fluo or pastel colored accessory
  • vamp glasses (basic / decorated with pearls)
  • bermuda shorts (must-haves this season)
  • colored moccasins with heels
  • matelassé sandal
  • maxi clutch bag
  • purse
  • wedges
  • flat with strings
moccassini con il tacco
maxi pochette accessori primavera estate 2020
accessori primavera estate occhiali da vamp

Those listed above are some of the accessories that you will find available in a thousand versions and colors to live the warm season in style.

As often happens, before shopping and introducing new must-haves of the season, you need to have in mind in detail, everything we need to create unique and winning looks. Often, however, we allow ourselves to be captivated by objects and accessories that do not reflect our personality, but that strike us and that we would like at all costs.

Wedges, flats and vamp glasses are actually components that we have already used in recent years and are probably present in our wardrobe. There are other completely new accessories that will be the protagonists for this spring summer 2020, such as Bermuda shorts. Particular garment but that with the right combination will give us great satisfaction.

We are moving forward and we are selecting the accessories that reflect our personality and that give added value to the basic and one-color garments that we use in everyday life.

What do you think of the return of some of the listed accessories and above all of the seasonal news? You can peek our outfits on our instagram profile.




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