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Christmas is now at the door, very little is missing, a week and there we are. You have already made all the Christmas presents? Christmas is special, we pass it in the company of the people we love and always remember with nostalgia those who are always in our hearts wherever they are. Another beautiful aspect of Christmas is that of gifts, we adore to make gifts to our loved ones, we pack them with care and love, and with as much attention we choose.

It is because the gifts are very personal, knowing well the person to whom you give you can make the right choice. For our mother this year we have chosen Elba water!


Water of Elba: a fragrance that gives emotions!

Water of Elba: the Sea on it!

For those who still do not know water of Elba we tell you immediately that there are precisely in Marciana Marina an ancient seaside village where the laboratories are located that combining culture, beauty and sea breeze give life to this wonderful fragrance. Fabio, Chiara and Marco never thought that the idea born in May 17 years ago, coupled with the passion, uniqueness of the sea where they were born and raised and the poetry that they breathe every day, would bring Italy around Italy itself. This perfume is not only good to feel and unique to wear, tells a story, that of the island of Elba one of the most beautiful and fabulous places in Tuscany.

We could not choose for our mother’s best gift, she adores the sea and the freshness she gives. She loves the long walks in summer and breathes the breeze, she loves colors and flavors.

The water pack of the classic Elba is perfect, it seems made especially for her, tells of sea and flowers; Created with notes of orange-myrtle-Gardenia and Jasmine-cistus Marino and Mediterranean scrub. A special gift for a special woman, she brings the sea inside herself and on her skin, she leaves the trail on her way to make herself love and remember.

The water of Elba a wide choice of gifts for Christmas and other special occasions. If you want to cuddle and surprise this is the ideal gift, but if you want to love then you are still in the right place. On their site you find not only perfumes man/woman of different fragrances (each has its own, the perfume becomes a second skin, but also fragrances for the environment, children’s line (body cream, shower gel and eau de Toilette), Accessories for Men/women (Bermuda and Sarong), beach towel, Bathrobes and much more. Maximum choice and freedom for your personalized gift.

Thanks to the gift for our mother we have clear in mind what will be our next purchases on their site. We are a family that was born and raised by the sea, we adore it and so the marine fragrance has conquered all.

Don’t forget that you are always in time to order your Christmas gifts, fast shipping in 24 hours and guaranteed for Christmas, to your address or directly to the lucky person.

You beauties already knew this brand? What do you like?

Kisses and Merry Christmas!




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sono curiosa di questo profumo 🙂


E’ davvero ottimo, te lo consigliamo!

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