Ostuni city, my second stop on this long-awaited vacation. At this very moment I am writing to you in front of a Pasticciotto from Lecce, only those who have tasted it can understand me if I say I am delicious. But I want to tell you everything from the beginning, it is from Milan that our journey starts, to then stop as the first stop in Alba Adriatica.

The bad weather in Milan did not leave us much hope, we started with the fear of finding bad weather everywhere and not being able to enjoy this beautiful and long-awaited vacation. The rain accompanied us almost all the way to Alba Adriatica, our first stop, our destination would have been Salento. Puglia is long, so we decided to break the trip to Abruzzo to enjoy two days of sun and sea before continuing.

Arrived in Alba Adriatica exhausted after a six-hour journey, we stopped in one of the chalets on the sea for a quick lunch, we couldn’t not taste the fritters and the fried cheese, in addition to the stuffed olives stuffed with fish, all excellent. Of course the diet may well wait, I am of the opinion that on vacation you should not give up anything.

Alba Adriatica

After walking for miles, we love exploring the sea and the city, we decided to go to the hotel, Il baffo rosso, to rest and regenerate for the evening. The hotel is located in a strategic position, between Corropoli, Alba Adriatica and Colonella. Located near the highway, but still in a quiet area. Our room was quite large, with a terrace and very quiet.

After having rested and studied the area a little, in the evening we decided to go to Corropoli. We were fortunate to have happened on the evening of the village festival, I love exploring all that a place has to offer me, where we had dinner with really excellent kebabs. After all we all know that the Abruzzo kebabs are really the number one in Italy.


For the evening release I chose a super light long dress, with a flounce at the top off-shoulder. Sneakers saw the risk of rain and then all uphill are ideal. In order not to suffer from the cold I chose this denim jacket that will be one of the passepartout garments of my vacation, embroidered with beads and light points. I usually choose clothes that are comfortable but beautiful at the same time, I love being able to feel free during walks and places to visit. At the same time, however, in my suitcase there is no lack of square-heeled sandals, in the evening at the restaurant I like to be a little bit more beautiful.

On the streets of Corropoli I also met these super cute and cute straw puppets … truly unique in their kind who immediately became friends. What do you say, don’t we make a good couple?

The second day, fortunately, a little sun came out, so we jumped at the chance to go to the beach and take a bath in the blue sea of Alba Adriatica.

On the second night we went to the restaurant “Piccolo Chalet” with a seafood dinner and Latin American music. This restaurant is located in Alba Adriatica on the waterfront. The Marconi promenade offers long walks, a beautiful cycle path as well as many restaurants and chalets where you can dine.

Here are some pictures of this holiday start … Puglia is always my favorite 😍 Sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss the next steps. Follow us on Instagram stories to preview our holidays and more.

alba adriatica
alba adriatica
alba adriatica

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