Summer is coming and the beautiful days invite to enjoy during the weekend, a delightful romantic getaway destinations unknown. The perfect look for this madness? Practical, convenient and colorful shades … rather colorful.

The first piece of the wardrobe that all we carry with us is our faithful pair of jeans. We all preferred, whether light, dark jeans, ripped, embroidered etc. .. Why do we love him? Because the idea of comfort, has always been the most versatile garment to create outfits for day and evening.

All denim, full throttle!

Jewelry pop: pink funny!

One of the trends for next spring-summer 2017 is to inspire all facets of denim, always a Chief evergreen that goes with everything, absolutely everything.

All we renew our wardrobe “denim”, however, do it with style, so you don’t look too trivial and obvious.

Denim does not only include pants, but also:

skirts, jumpsuits, overalls, leggings, shorts, jackets, bags, shoes, earrings and even the color of the glaze.

It would be nice to have a whole collection of denim, ahahha!

Today I present my new super suit fit denim. I am of the opinion that, “everything denim” basic or smart, trendy is to die for.

This onesie he conquered since the first test in the dressing room, then more and more combined both sneakers (for a casual and dynamic), than to the trendiest style heels.

The first thing I would say is very convenient! Then as a second you need to feel me, unfortunately the version adherent non enhances certain critical points.

I opted for the whole denim because I think it’s a boss: all style and little effort. Simply match the right heels, a jacket and like magic the outfit is ready. I feel too Sam dressed like that!

You are all denim? What will you wear for this spring summer denim 2017?

A big kiss



-All denim, full throttle!-

 Outfit details:

 Denim Jampsuit: Bershka

Jacket: No Brand

Sandals: Asos

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