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today I want to talk to you about a trip out of town that has remained in my heart: mine in Aosta for a weekend of total relaxation during the Christmas season. I do not know about you, but I love traveling, it would be for me to spend my life on holiday, I love discovering places I do not know, cultures and traditions different from mine.

Aosta in the heart: a little trip to the mountains!

White Week: show off your style!

Aosta remained in my heart, before this weekend I had never visited this region and even the city of Aosta, I was struck by the air of tranquility that you breathe, the cleanliness and the order that reigns in the streets of the walks despite being super crowded. One thing that struck me a lot was discovering the use of the Grolla dell’Amicizia, for those who still do not know it is a wooden container with various spouts from which you drink a drink based on coffee and grappa called coffee alla valdostana, usually used between friends and relatives.

I love the snow, but I’m more typical from the sea, even if the mountains and its beauty leave us amazed. In Aosta I had the opportunity to visit the village of Bard, considered one of the 20 most beautiful villages in Italy. Walking through the only street of the village you can breathe an atmosphere of other times and as you go up you can enjoy a spectacular view.

In Aosta I could not not visit the Roman theater, full of history and unique beauty. In the Christmas period made even more magical by the snow and Christmas markets.

It always happens to me that when I go to visit the places I walk without ever stopping to arrive then the evening exhausted, not being a great sportswoman, but happy to have discovered the wonders that every place has to offer me.

I love, in addition to discover landscapes never seen before, also taste the typical local dishes of the area. The fondue certainly could not miss among the things to taste and also the polenta very good tanning. To calories when I’m on holiday I do not pay attention, then I have to deal with it once you’re back! It would be nice to eat without getting fat no?!

Unfortunately, my holiday lasted only 3 days, almost a touch and go, but I could not not see the famous Courmayeur.

Walking through Via Roma, the central street full of shops, you can breathe an authentic alpine atmosphere. The same atmosphere can also be found in the luxury hotels, in the historical cafes of the center and in the restaurants on the slopes.


I embraced this city and the wonders it had to offer me, I did not really appreciate the cold (but winter must do its :-)) and the restaurants that close the kitchen at 14.30 and that are no exception even on holidays.


That said I would gladly return, maybe even in the spring to be able to admire it even under other climatic conditions.

Have you ever been in Valle d’Aosta? Did you like it?





Bellissimo paesaggio, davvero!!! un bacione


Grazie mille, è piaciuto molto anche a me!

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