In these two months of forced closure we have understood what it means to take care of your person. One of the things we care most about, besides the beauty of our skin is the beauty of our hands. If there is one thing that we just can not bear is to see the cuticles that sprout everywhere doing also hurt. We know well, listening to the provisions of the government that hairdressers and beauticians will open, if all goes well on June 1st. So we said, why not make semi-permanent nail polish directly at home?

Honestly speaking, we have had all the tools to be able to apply the semi-permanent product directly at home for a while. We do it not only for savings, but also for lack of time. We are honest in saying that doing it at home also saves money. In beauty centers we also paid € 44.00 for manicure and semi-permanent nail polish application shellac, considered the best because it does not damage the nails. Often in beauty salons we don’t even have time to go, finishing work at 18.00 would mean staying in Milan until 20.00 and then going home at 21.00 if it’s okay. In summer it is also done willingly, but in winter it becomes a little more complicated.

What do you need to apply semi-permanent nail polish at home?

  • LED or UV lamp is used to dry the enamel
  • Nail file, if you also need to file and shape your nails
  • Nail socket, if you need to remove the cuticles
  • Buffer, to dull the nails before applying the nail polish. This will serve to make the manicure more lasting and avoid lifting after application
  • Degreaser, it is used to eliminate the sticky layer that forms after applying the semi-permanent polish.
  • The nails polish: the base coat, the top coat and the enamel of the color you have chosen
  • Small towel so as not to dirty

smalti shellac per semipermanente

Now let’s see how to apply the nail polish

First you go to apply a coat of base coat, first on one hand and then on the other. You put your hand inside the lamp and leave it on for the drying time. My lamp reaches up to 99 seconds of maximum time and I use it all. This is because the better the polish dries, the longer it will last. Usually the application that I do lasts up to 3 weeks without problems, but it also lasted me a full month.

Once applied a first pass on both hands and left to dry, it is then applied to the enamel application. The color chosen does not matter, what matters is the final result. For an excellent application, never go near the cuticles, otherwise the semi-permanent could rise before the expected time. Once you have applied the nail polish you must follow the drying procedure first. Once dried, apply the nail polish a second time, in this way the result will be more uniform and the color more intense. Leave to dry again for the maximum amount of time, in fact I do double drying here.

lampada led per asciugare lo smalto semipermanente

Now you need to apply the top coat, which is the last phase of applying the nail polish. This makes the semi-permanent brighter. Ditto in this case too, let it dry well, I always take full advantage of the time. Now that you have understood how to apply semi-permanent nail polish, you must take a disk soaked in degreaser and pass it on the nails to remove the sticky part.

Now your nails are perfect, you must absolutely put the moisturizer on your hands and nails. Lamps tend to dry out the skin.

I am curious to know how long the application of semi-permanent nail polish lasts for you. If you want, you can share your photos with us by tagging us on @thesprintsisters

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