The countdown to the most awaited party of the year (from both adults and children) has begun. In a few days we will all be busy with the creation of the Christmas tree and / or the crib and especially with the purchase of gifts (we have already started taking advantage of the Black Friday discounts). For those who follow us on Instagram he will certainly have seen the unpacking in the stories.
Staying on the theme of holidays, today we want to see together how to create a perfect make-up for lunches and dinners that await us around the corner.

Products used to make the trick for the holidays.

This make-up has two important characteristics: the products are easy to use and are obviously low cost.
The products we used to make it are from Catrice Cosmetics (a Cosnova group brand, the same that also includes Essence) that can be purchased on Amazon or in retail stores such as Upim, Coin and Scarpe & Scarpe.

Cosa ci occorre per realizzare un make-up festivo?

  1. A concealer
  2. A foundation
  3. The “The Glitterizer” palette mixes Catrice’s match (n ° 010 – Glitter is my favorite color)
  4. The rimmel “Glam & Doll” Boost volume “(No. 010 Ultrablack)
  5. An illuminating face chosen from “Dewy wetlook stick” (No. 010 Splash ‘n’ Glow) and “Galactic highlighter drops” (No. 010 Spaceshuttle)
  6. Special brushes to distribute the products
come creare make-up perfetto
prodotti make up

How to create this simple perfect make-up?

Let’s start with the facial base:

  1. Use a concealer and apply it under the dark circles (even better if a darker tone of your skin, for example we who are fair in complexion use a peach-colored one, will be even more opaque);
  2. With a special brush distribute a foundation that fits your skin evenly;
  3. To complete the face base, we conclude with a bit of speckled face powder to dull and homogenize the whole. To give some color, we apply a blush instead on the “cheekbone” area (for the day a rosy tone is also fine, for the evening one is better on the more decisive tones).
  4. The illuminant (to be applied in the upper part of the cheekbone and on the tip of the nose) cannot fail to give a touch of brightness and brilliance (even more so in this festive atmosphere).

We offer two types: one in stick format and one liquid.

Eye palette used to make this make-up

let us now turn our eyes

  1. We used a palette of Catrice that has all the necessary colors.
    Apply on the mobile eyelid the two dark covering tones that you will find at the extreme left of the palette (base coat area)
  2. We continue using the central part of the palette (Glitter Shades area).
    We then apply the product on the fixed eyelid to give light.
  3. As a last step we address the tones of the outer part to the right of the palette (top coat).
    There you will find light and glittery tones suitable for illuminating the inner corner of the eye and the part of the eyebrow arch.

To conclude:

  • To enhance the look you can apply eyeliner or black pencil (optional).
  • Apply the Glam & Doll rimmel in abundance to stretch the lashes well.
  • In daytime make-up, we advise you to load more eyes than lips (you can also leave them naked or with a touch of gloss), in the evening you can dare more (illuminating as if it were raining and a beautiful lipstick in shades of red, so much we are on the subject with Christmas).Et voilà the make-up for the holidays is done !!! The girls on our team made make-up for you, with the products listed above. Here is the result.
trucco per le festività
come realizzare make up perfetto

The manicure is certainly not less important

You can’t miss a sparkling manicure:
To get that “extra touch” we also recommend two nail polishes always from the Catrice line (they are the #peeloff glam easy to remove) to achieve a perfect manicure matching the December mood.
Two completely glittered enamels, one fuchsia (n ° 01 – Stress Does Not Go Well With My Polish) and one gold (n ° 03 – When In Doubt, Just Add Glitter).
Fantastic to combine even with each other, perhaps making the nail of the ring of a color (to highlight your rings / rings and the others of the other tone).
In short, get as much as you can and share your manicure with us, always used for sharing #thesprintsisters

trucco per le festività
smalto oro

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