Every day, anyone with a website worries about making it light and fast not only for search engines, but also to give the user a stay as pleasant as possible. One of the main things to do to get a good performance on this is to lighten and reduce the weight of the photos for your website and your blog.

Well to explain you at best how to reduce the size of the photos you use we immediately report real examples. If you know us a little now you will know that we never suggest anything without first testing it ourselves. This does not only apply to clothing or to the beauty products we use, but also to the techniques we apply on our blog. Just like we did some articles ago, where we talked about how to clean the instagram account from ghost follower. In fact, even in this case we wanted to share with you a technique that we ourselves used to do a bit of cleaning of accounts that we did nothing but let our engagement die.

reduce photo size

How to put on a diet and reduce the size of photos?

Here’s what we do step by step:

  1. Analyze the pixel space that your site’s theme requires. If the theme needs an image of 800 pixels it is useless to load a 3000 pixel image
  2. Do as we do, always choosing images in .jpg format are certainly better than others. If we choose an image of another format, we always convert it. This helps not only our site, but also the search engines.
  3. If we choose beautiful images, with intense colors, then these are heavy when taken. In order not to load them directly in this way and occupy a lot of space on our website, we always try to reduce the weight of the photos, so they will certainly be lighter when we load them. There are several file compressors, what we want to suggest is https://compressjpeg.com
  4. Once the image is compressed, you will see that you will love our suggestion, you just need to save it, rename it and load it later in the article that you have thought about writing.

Tadadada … let’s say the game is done. We hope to have given you the right suggestion on how to lighten and reduce the weight of the photos. We just have to wish you good work and let us know how you found yourself. Your opinion is very important to us.

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