Let’s go back again with an article that talks about clothes and clothing, you will have somehow understood that we are lovers of online shopping and we love to receive and discard parcels. Once again Femmeluxefinery.

By now we have become lovers of this site, we can find different types of garments that can be combined on any occasion. It’s not just about shopping at reasonable prices and rather fast shipping, but about finding really nice and sensual things. This is why we spend a lot of time on the site selecting all types of good trousers or black lace bodysuit.

How to match the black lace bodysuits?

The bodysuits, if black and lace, go perfectly with jeans. Spring is the perfect season to release the unique and hidden sensuality during the cold winter. You don’t need to find out too much to be sensual, it takes very little to become vulgar. THE jeans and lingerie are two garments that we can wear with a lot of nonchalance, there are different models of spring jeans, which worn with lace bodysuits and exposed lingerie make a beautiful figure. For the days of this season it would look good on a blazer or cardigan, which can hide and show at the same time.

There are different types of leotards but how can we combine them?

  • Imagine having to wear a body with fine straps, which may seem almost lingerie, sensual in the right place. This type can be worn on non-formal occasions, with pants and jeans that break. If you think of the spring walk just to have an aperitif or even an ice cream in the center, then the combination could be a cheeky jeans, black lace bodysuit, tartan fancy jacket and maybe with sneakers on your feet.
  • If you want a more form version, you can opt for a half-sleeved or long-sleeved body. This type can be worn very well even with elegant suits and shoes with heels. The coronavirus has stopped everything, but Blery is expected to participate in a baptism in April, if it is done. He was thinking of such clothing for the occasion. Maybe a business suit, not an office style of course, broken by a body and shoes with heels.
body di pizzo
unica sensualità

How to match spring jeans?

As soon as Blery saw them, she immediately fell in love, we mean the jeans with the writing and in the next order we will do there will certainly be. Jeans are the kind of garment we all have, but do we value them as we should? Often not, sometimes they are worn with a sweater on and off, without paying too much attention. Now that spring has come we can dare much more. Jeans can be easily worn, as we said before with lingerie, but how can we wear spring ones?

Spring jeans can be worn with as many spring shirts. Imagine being able to wear them with a nice light shirt, perhaps with puffed sleeves that are so fashionable in this period. A pair of high-heeled shoes and you’re done. Jeans are a fundamental element in the life of all of us, we can wear them both day and night.

jeans primaverili
jeans chiari slavati

Online shopping, many clothes for unique outfits

The great thing about being able to shop online is that you can select different types of clothing, many clothes. Blery has chosen a glittery one, has not yet had the opportunity to wear it to be able to go out, but has worn it for a small party at home. In this way, despite the bad period we are experiencing, she wanted to make herself beautiful and wear a nice dress. Being sensual doesn’t just mean doing it when you go out, we can very well also be staying at home. She chose a short model with fine straps, above which she preferred to wear hers biker of leather to not feel the fresh air of the spring evenings.

Having many corset dresses in the closet and having sites where you can buy easily allows you to create different outfits. So many clothes a single sensuality!

tanti vestiti

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