We who love shopping online, select unique pieces to offer and wear, we came across these beautiful Espadrilles. Oh yes … because wearing a pair of Espadrilles is immediately summer, you think of the sea and the days that get longer and get hotter and hotter. Let’s say that this article should have come out a long time ago, but this year we had very few good days so far, don’t you agree?

The lightness with which you walk having a pair of Espadrilles on your feet is priceless, they are not only fashion and a must-have that returns and is renewed from season to season, but they are also super comfortable. Designed for the well-being of our feet, they are very light and make your skin breathe.

Feet that don’t stop for a moment, they walk up and down the streets of the city, the asphalt that releases the heat received from the sun, the sultriness that is felt, the legs that swell and we who persist in wearing high-heeled shoes so as not to give up being always at the top. And here are the right shoes to feel good and be glam at the same time.

Where are espadrilles born?

The Espandillas are born in the Piranei area of ​​Occitania and in Catalonia, for years they have been used by farmers and fishermen (cloth and rope fairies), then they have become the shoes used by artists like Picasso and Dalì, nowadays they are very popular among the celeb. When we were in Formentera we saw them everywhere, do you think we resisted the temptation to buy them?

Here are some models that we have selected and that cannot be missed for those who want to feel light, but with class.


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Image source: Asos

image1xxl (2)

image1xxl (3)  espadrilles

Image source: Asos

image3xxl (2)



Image source: Pinterest

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How to wear them?

Here is how to wear these very particular shoes.

Before that, however, we must take into account that the Espadrillas are worn exclusively with bare feet, banished socks or ghosts of all kinds. Opt for floral, striped or total white patterns and feel free to match them with long and short dresses, maxi and mini skirts, shorts, super-light pants, etc., important that everything is super light and summer. For a super romantic look opt for the lace dress or with embroidery.

You can also use maxi accessories like earrings, important sunglasses, headbands and so on.

espadrilles  espadrillesespadrillas

espadrillas 92966b96bc4d5d76a9778ea2b7dadae8Espadrillas


Which do you prefer? Are you a Espadrilles lover? How do you wear them? Please let us know and let us know in the comments. We are also waiting for you in ours IG stories.



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