In this closing period, the clothing we used for the most part was certainly the suit. The suit is one of the garments that are used the most to stay indoors, especially in the cold season. Not only for its comfort, but also for beauty. There are different types of tracksuits, from the sportiest to the most elegant and chic. Then Blery thought well to show you how to combine the suit not only to stay at home, but why not, also to go out.

The suit to stay at home

Usually we are used to buying the loungewear just to stay at home, the convenience of returning from work and removing the clothes that we have kept on all day, putting on our suit and throwing ourselves on the sofa for a relaxing evening.

We all know well, how important comfort is to feel good at home, it is the first thing we think about when we buy the furniture in our home, in this case also when we buy clothes to wear. However, there is nothing to prevent a suit that we particularly like from being able to wear it for going out. Blery thought it well to offer you a comfortable and chic outfit at the same time.

  1. The suit to go out must surely be more beautiful and fashionable than the one we usually keep for staying at home. Choose your jogging suit, perhaps in a joggers version, in this way it will be a little more tight and will look like trousers and no longer the classic sports suit. If you want you can combine it both with a normal tee and with a slightly wide and maybe short one. If you think of choosing the second option, but don’t like it to come out of your belly because maybe you’re not 20 years old, then you can choose a slightly high-waisted suit, as Blery did in this case.
  2. To give your suit a more elegant appearance, you can wear a nice pair of heels instead of sneakers. In this case, Blery opted for a square heel sandal, but equally 10cm high.
  3. To complete the look, he chose a tone-on-tone bag, while remaining in the shades of beige and orange. In this case the bag is strictly medium to small in size, this would be an outfit for an outing of pleasure, so there is no need to bring the world with you, as only we women can do.

Other ways to match the suit

You can decide to combine a suit with a shirt too, nothing prevents you from making it even more elegant. In this case the shirt is better if in a blouse version, maybe soft and super light, if instead you want to customize it in a slightly sexy version, then choose a shirt with a masculine cut and tie it at the waist. If the evening were still fresh, absolutely yes to a leather biker, choose the color in the low of your outfit, but with the black nail you are definitely on the safe side.

How do you wear the suit? just to stay at home or have you ever gone out?

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