When trend and comfort meet, new combinations are born, not only in terms of color, but also and above all in clothing.

Ever heard of the athflow trend?

Athflow is nothing more than the meeting of the two words athleisure and flow. The first term indicates the revenge of sportswear, those that in 2020 took a good revenge. How many of you have started using the suit not only to stay indoors or jog, but also to go out?
The word flow, on the other hand, always in the field of fashion and therefore clothing, indicates comfortable garments, wide at the right point and fluid. If you think about it in this category, cardigans, sweaters, or even jeans can easily enter as long as they can be baggy at the right point.
If we add a touch of elegance to all this, we can easily achieve the athflow style.

Times change style too, athflow trend for the year 2021.

Most likely, unintentionally, the first lockdown and the subsequent phases of various restrictions influenced fashion and the way of dressing, in other words they influenced our daily life.
In March 2020, we suddenly found ourselves spending hours and hours within the walls of our home. There are those who have discovered how beautiful their home was, the convenience of working in smart working, the possibility of doing the gym and training without having a specific time, the luxury of having time for a good read or simply being with loved ones.
Of course, at first we felt like caged lions, but then we learned to appreciate our free time, even though we couldn’t do what we wanted.

We have created our home office, we have rediscovered old hobbies, but in all this where was the desire to always change clothes ????

I wear athflow at home and you?

So we opted for a flexible look, one of those that allows you to go from the desk to the yoga mat, suitable a little bit for all the scenarios of our much loved everyday life.
We must never forget how beautiful it is to open the wardrobe and create your own outfit.

Today, however, we are talking about a new trend, the athflow one, which will be with us for a long time.

What are the 2021 athflow trends? Which garments should we use?

Many of these items are already in your closet, so you’ll just have to take them out and go with the trend.
Think long cardigan you haven’t used in a while, stretch leggings or oversized jumpsuit.
Imagine wearing a jumpsuit, a tee and a classic jacket, one of the comfortable ones that immediately make you office, but if played down they are super fashion.
Another garment is undoubtedly the jumpsuit, perhaps in velvet breaking with a belt at the waist.
Still another is the ankle-length skirt, the one with a straight cut, to be worn with strictly flat shoes.
And the knitted dress? In addition to being a must of the moment, it would also be a joker.
There are many items to put in the wardrobe. Baggy Jean, ripped or not, to your liking; the white shirt with a masculine cut; basic one-color tee; THE TIMELESS trench.

Colors also play a fundamental role, black and white are fine, absolutely IN neutral colors such as beige, brown, cream .. use bright colors sparingly.

And the shoes? Which ones are suitable for this style?

Well here it should be pretty simple, sneakers and trainers. Ankle boots are also fine as long as they have a round toe. Yes also to the dancers, even if they are shoes that do not make everyone agree.
The trend has it that in the indoor spaces of your home you don’t wear shoes but socks, thick and soft ones.
Do you reflect yourself in this style?

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