A chat and a cup of coffee!

Goodmorning maidens, finally we are savoring the long-awaited “spring days”, even if as usual in Milan I am a little dancers … we pass from the sun to the rain after hours. In these days to overcome the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion, we relied on the most consumed black drink in the world: the … Continue Reading

Perfect Fit 5 benefici in 1: l’amore per il nostro gatto!

Goodmorning beauties, how much do you love your cat? As much as we do? Then you just have to read this article because we talk about its well-being. Lately we have discovered the product Perfect Fit Formula Total 5 which, in addition to being a good product 🙂 no .. we have not tasted it, … Continue Reading

How to have a beautiful and healthy smile: Briantea Odontostomatologica Clinic!

Good morning maidens, today we want to talk to you about a subject that is very close to our heart, that is, a smile. Yes … because there is nothing more beautiful for a woman, but also for a man, a smile, a beautiful and healthy smile. We all know smiling that does well and … Continue Reading

How to combine a Prince of Wales jacket!

Goodmorning maidens, how did you spend Easter and Easter? How many chocolate eggs did you eat? What surprise did you find? For those who follow us on the Stories of Instagram will surely have seen that we, of eggs and not only, we have eaten so many. Now we just have to put ourselves on … Continue Reading

Women’s fashion moccasins: a classic that returns!

Mocasini fashion woman! Good morning Maidens, the other day I was at dinner at my friend’s house and I do not know why and how, but we stumbled on the shoes and we did not go out … ahahah After several talks about what we already have and what we would like to buy, we … Continue Reading

b.day the new app to book your last minute beauty!

With b.day, find your last minute treatment and book now B.day is born, a new app that allows you to book the last minute beauty you are looking for! Today we talk about well-being, or rather, the possibility of being able to take a well-deserved moment of relaxation by booking comfortably from your smartphone. The … Continue Reading

90s accessories for the hair: the return!

Good morning beauties, do you remember what were the 90s accessories for your hair? Who of us has never worn the plastic band or the hair band? But if you think about it, they certainly do not end here. 90s accessories for the hair: the return! Hair: grand class tail! I still remember when I … Continue Reading

Kärcher FC 5 Scrubbing machine-Spring cleaning!

 Hello Maidens, We are approaching the hot season and with it also to the famous spring cleaning… aiutooo! House cleaning is known, they are tiring and boring, especially if you work eight hours a day and when you come home the desire to do is very little. To help us women (housewives or career), the … Continue Reading

Sunglasses: Glamour & Chic Eyewear!

Sunglasses Our Essential accessory! Hello Beauties today we talk about sunglasses, an accessory that can not miss in our wardrobe. In Milan the weather is very dancer, one day rain and one sun, so we never know how to dress and what accessories to have with it. You know that when spring comes all advise … Continue Reading

Personal Styling: to create the right look!

Personal Styling: an extra help to look beautiful with the right look!   Good morning maidens, how many of you want to change your look to be more beautiful for spring? We very much … in this regard these days we were looking for a beauty salon that can meet our needs. Personal Styling: to … Continue Reading