Autumn in Viareggio, certainly does not sound exactly like saying Autumn in New York, but we can still be happy. 🙂 This year Viareggio was a bit ‘like the city of the heart, one where I spent several weekends and I still do. Oh yes … I can not yet reveal exactly why, but I will soon join you. But if you want you can try to guess what drives me to spend so many weekends in this city!

Autumn in Viareggio, mood of the weekend!

When you think, I’m leaving for a weekend, you never know what to wear in your suitcase, how many bikinis, how many clothes, how many cardigans, jacket or jacket no and so on. Above all also because, I always decide at the last moment if I have to leave for a weekend and so I have less and less time available.

Considering that I love skirts and dresses, if it were for me I would always live in the summer, I like to wear these garments even in autumn, when temperatures start to fall, but the cold is still far away. For this reason, for a first outfit in Viareggio I selected, as you can see from the following photos, a three-quarter dress with flounces purchased by Zara. I decided to pair it with a camel-colored sandal and a laterally studded bucket bag.

For a second outfit instead I chose something more elegant, that evening I would have gone to dinner in one of the restaurants in the area and so I thought of a balloon skirt, a sweater of the same night blue and my sandals with square heel, which over to be beautiful are also comfortable, allowing me to walk without problems.

As we said before now the air has cooled and autumn has already knocked on the door of each of us, so to avoid the risk of being cold I always carry a jacket with me. For some years now I have a weakness for jackets and all types of jackets. I like this in jeans because in addition to being comfortable it also becomes a passepartout, it goes well with everything, do not you find? This was my mood of the weekend!

When you leave for an autumn weekend, what do you usually pack? Did you follow me on instagram and on stories?







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