Goodmorning, girls!

We are now in full autumn and they continue to alternate between themselves sun, wind, rain, gray days and mood dancers.

But how to dress in this period?

Autumn Look: blazer, evergreen cape!

In our opinion the blazer is an ally of autumn look, saves you the day and gives you a touch of elegance that never breaks.

We all know that this is the period of dressing in layers, in the cold morning and during the day still boiling .. so leaving the house absolutely needs to have a blazer and / or jacket, then take it off and stay in shirt / shirt when the sun warms.

We already have some, but every time we can not resist the temptation to introduce new and trendy bosses into our wardrobe.

Here are the online shopping tips on the ROSEGAL site (we’ve talked about it here too), since we’ve discovered it, every now and then our shopping cart bursts of items to buy. In this period then we will take advantage of the ongoing promotion: 33% discount.

We leave you with our selection of blazer, a really versatile blazer, you wear it with great ease and fit perfectly to every occasion. The classic evergreen cape that never goes out of fashion.

If you are also a blazer lover you are in the right place, Rosegal offers different models, prints and colors.

We also give you an additional discount code, RGEN, which offers 10% more than the one on the site itself.

Let us know what your favorites are!






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Love these blazer and capes! So chic!
Happy Monday, babe!
xoxo, Vanessa

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