With b.day, find your last minute treatment and book now

B.day is born, a new app that allows you to book the last minute beauty you are looking for!

Today we talk about well-being, or rather, the possibility of being able to take a well-deserved moment of relaxation by booking comfortably from your smartphone. The joy of being a gift, in one of the few hours available for us.

Because we do not ask much from life, sometimes it would be enough a manicure, a massage, a treatment that we have long wanted to try, a fold and why not a tattoo, to lose the day!

b.day la nuova app per prenotare il tuo last minute beauty!

Tonic face: a caress of beauty!


Book your last minute beauty with b.day

An app has been created that allows you to book those around you that offer the last minute beauty you are looking for.

I speak from personal experience, to me as to all of you can happen to have a sudden commitment and have the hands to fix, the fold to do.

Not always our trusted hairdresser or our dear beautician can be able to help us. How to do in these cases ??

There are two solutions:

Start to call all the shops to know if they have the possibility (after doing a search on Google and selected which hairdresser or beautician could do the most for us).

Or open the new app b.day and search through the offers available online, selecting the nearest one (thanks to the handy search for geo location). Applying the various filters will be easy to choose the offer that we like best (by treatment, by price, etc.).

It will be easy to find published on the app the last minute offer of our hairdresser or our trusted beautician among the many available.

Soon it will be present in many Italian cities. I find it really convenient and useful, I can use it even when I will be out of town and I will look for a treatment for me.

I will advise my hairdresser and my beautician to become part of b.day, in this way it will be easy for me to stay updated on news and promotions.

b.day will send me a notification every time my favorite salon will publish something.

In this way I will never lose an offer, and if I need the last minute of an appointment I can open the app and book it directly.

Just what it took! No?? They were all useful app like that !!

Do like me,

download the app

from the App store or on Google Play.

Otherwise, open the website online


and download the app.

What do you think of this kind of last minute service? I am thrilled to have tried and found this app.



b.day prenota il tuo last minute beauty

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